QuickChek Adds Tesla Superchargers At New York Convenience Store Location


2016 Convenience Store Chain of the Year – QuickChek, has begun to add Tesla Superchargers at its site in Ulster, New York. If successful, QuickChek will likely add more Superchargers at optimal locations throughout it service area.

QuickChek CEO Dean Durling stated:

“We are pleased to provide Tesla owners traveling along the Thruway with the opportunity to enjoy a great cup of coffee, a bite to eat, and the chance to pick up market items while their vehicle charges. Having Tesla Supercharger stations on site enables us to continue our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers in the area.”

Superchargers are powerful enough that a typical 10-minute stop at a convenience store will actually add some useable range to the car. Furthermore, the Superchargers will liekly extend the stay of Tesla owners who frequent the QuickChek store. Even more importantly, QuickCheck and the on-site Superchargers are open 24/7.

This particualr QuickChek location was chosen to host Tesla Superchargers due to its location (just off exit 19 on the New York Thruway) and the fact that it’s one of the most full-service QuickCheck sites, with grocery items, an in-store bakery, a full coffer shop called Q Cafe and more.

The idea of adding Superchargers at convenience stores seems sound, so let’s hope it catches on and becomes more and more common in the future.

Source: CStoreDecisions

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Go Tesla Go!

Wow perfect!

A L3 charging station that is:
1) Off freeway exit
2) Open 24/7
3) Multiple bays
4) Bathroom
5) Coffee, drinks and snacks
6) Convenience store

GM, Nissan, BMW, eVgo – you guys listening?

A Supercharger costs a order of several $100K. I wonder if the convenience store just supplied the real-estate and Tesla pays for all the rest, or is it more complicated?
Who pays for the electricity & upkeep?

InsideEVs had an article on thsi 3 years ago, but things may have changed since.

Say what? Typical cost of Supercharger installation is $50,000.

There’s no way a typical Supercharger location costs $50,000. Maybe the installation costs (permitting, trenching, concrete, asphalt, cabling, utility fees, etc) are $50k, but not all in, not by a long shot.

Most Supercharger locations have 6 or more stations. The hardware alone is likely more than 50k, and so is the installation by itself. I’ve seen installation estimates of more than $20,000 for a single 50 kW DC fast charge staton.

This is why Tesla will win the ev race. The idiots at gm,ford, Nissan, etc are wasting away from free advertising.

The real question is how much longer the traditional gas stations will continue to ignore EVs as a source of revenue.

If it makes sense to sell gas and electrons why not do both?

I was there last night. Very convenient.

This is the answer as the NYS Thruway Authority initially was supposed to have Superchargers on the NYS Thruway. This is right off of the Thruway – 2 minutes. You can actually go into the convenience store and sit down with your food.

I called to report that the SC I used was going at 50kw. So 30 minutes added 100 miles. Stil

This is a great location and concept.

Another nail in the Big Oil coffin of H2.