Quick Look At Six US Eastern States, More Than 20,000 Sold, Mostly PHEVs


Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Thanks to the Plug In Sites and Lanny Hartmann (who sometimes also pens a story here at InsideEVs), we can pass along the total number of registered plug-in cars in six Eastern US states.

Their total stands at 20,545, which is still not a huge number compared to the over 450,000 sold in U.S. (the bulk of which in California).

  • Maryland – 6,654
  • Pennsylvania – 6,581
  • Virginia – 5,522
  • District of Columbia – 835
  • Delaware – 597
  • West Virginia – 356

The common trend amongst all the eastern states is that plug-in hybrids are in majority (in opposition to U.S. average overall). There is only 23% BEVs in West Virginia, while highest ratio of 42 to 58 was found in District of Columbia.

The average for the six is 36% BEVs (7,418) and 64% PHEVs (13,127).

source: Plug In Sites – EV Charging Stations

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Both florida and New York are on east coast of United States. Why aren’t they included?

Here ya go:

Florida – 15,581
New York – 15,960

Jay, any chance you have the same data for Georgia? And are these cumulative sales since 2011?

Sure, no problem: Georgia – 23,712

..and yes, that is all-time

Thanks to the insane (and now defunct) rebate system in the state, the BEV/PHEV splits just ‘a touch’ lop-sided, (=

21,143 BEV
2,569 PHEV

Awesome, thanks! And wow, so does that make Georgia 2nd all time behind California in terms of total plugin sales? Also I wonder what the per capita rate is, considering Georgia’s population is less than half California’s.
You’re right about the insane rebate, it’s why there’s a Leaf in my garage right now. It would be interesting in early 2017 to compare full year 2016 plugin sales to FY 15 in Georgia.

It doesn’t matter the absolute number of EV. What matters is what percentage of cars are EV. But it’s easier to find population.

California 38,802,500
Pennsylvania 12,787,209
Virginia 8,326,289
DC 672,228
Delaware 935,614
West Virginia 1,850,326

Article doesn’t say number of CA EV, so I guess about 390K. Then EV per capita are

CA 390K/39M = 1%
DC 5522/672K = 0.8%
West Virginia 356/1.9M = 0.019% (pitiful. Pitiful! PITIFUL!)

A simple pattern might be that more BEV / PH adoption rate would have higher percentage of BEV. It’s too bad that I don’t have better data to try this experiment.

Remember, this is just a snapshot in time, it does not address any trends in the last 4-5 years of plug in sales, so we don’t know if the trend is up, or flat in these eastern states, on a per capital basis.

Also, most plug in cars are sold in large cities, which typically have more vehicles in them, and ICE vehicle sales, as well, so a more interesting report would be the history of PEV sales (BEV vs PHEV) in each states largest 3-5 cities (except DC, which is a city – state of its own!).

Even better, would be a list of vehicles available, vs number sold, each year, since Eastern States don’t get all the product that California gets!

These numbers are pitiful, we must do better fast. 100 years from now 2000-2050 will be known as the “Age of Morons and Deniers”