Quick Look At The 2016 Chevrolet Volt At The 2015 LA Auto Show

NOV 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 20

2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

Sadly, the LA Auto Show didn’t feature many plug-in premiers this year.

However, some of the already seen plug-ins were on display, including the new 2016 Volt.

Here we present one of the few high quality exterior walkaround videos of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

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Why is it still on a pedestal/turntable? The new Volt is already on the market, at the dealerships, on the streets, people want to make it personal, touch it, sit in it, play with the controls.

I’m guessing there was another model on the floor for touching.

The video was described as a “walk-around” but really it was a stand-still as the car rotated 😀

There is a gray one on the floor, more of a base model with cloth seats. Everyone was trying out the middle seat in the back. The verdict was that it’s fine for anyone up to about 5’5″. Any taller and your head is in the ceiling. The rear seat is also a bit narrow for three adults.

I also met the owner of Volt #138 (I think). He’s already got a second-gen to go with it. For him, big pluses for the new model are a more-intuitive instrument panel and the longer electric range.

I was disappointed with the number of EVs at the show. I’d hoped to see the Bolt concept, but I guess it’s too close to the production reveal. Audi showed off the Q6 concept to the media and then took it away so the public couldn’t see it. BMW’s lone i3 was locked.

Oh cool! Were there by chance test-drives available?

Two small observations: 1)The car on the turntable is an LTZ Premium – the placard gives the MSRP of the base LT…Why do automakers do that?!

2) The burgundy red color exudes class…especially looks nice under the bright lights. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to display Volt more often when under lights in this color – it pops. I haven’t seen this color in person in sunlight or overcast. Toyota first came out in 2004 with a very similar color of dark red, but changed it ( 2005 or ’06 to the brighter red metallic – which made the dark red ones look a bit dull in natural light. V.1 Volt went with the same brighter metallic red. This makes me wonder how successfully this color will sell. Looks brilliant under artificial light – I tell ya.

If you read the note on the placard, it says “Base Price (No Options)”. That is the price they should show because you never know what car will be up on the turntable. Plus it makes more sense to advertise the base price.

That’s one sexy Honda..

Must you make the same pointless comment every time the Volt is shown. It’s clear you have an axe to grind against the Volt and GM but could you please give it a rest.

I was just getting ready to comment that apparently this is Anon’s new schtick.

It’s not just the Volt. It’s all things GM. Anon is basically anti-GM. They could make a 300 mile BEV for $25K, that goes 0-60 in 3 seconds and seats 6, but he would still b!tch.

Blinded by hate.

I just have a hard time getting over corporate mass murder.

There isn’t much in my mind, that can make up for the extinguished lives of over 170 innocent people due to internally known deadly design flaws. That’s just the tip of the GM Iceburg for me (you all know I could go on and on), so I apologize.

But I have to admit: the Volt does look like one sweet Asian ride…

Anon is a dumb Volt/GM hater who got nothing better to do or anything useful to offer.

If I could only “ignore” his useless comments in general.

I wish there is an “ignore” feature here.

I like him, though I do agree he has a bee in his bonnet in regards to GM.

Actually if Honda came with a 53-mile EREV it would make a whole lot of people very happy.

The Volt looks better than I thought in person.

But I am not a big fan of the rear end where it looks pretty high.

That bothers me a bit too.

Rising waistline/poor rear visibility is not for me. Would love to know whether the rear seats have enough legroom. Where is my Crossvolt??

Congratulations Chevy.
Now bring out an SUV version on the same platform – keep them coming

If GM had introduced an SUV first, they might have sold more cars.

I guess we’ll see how the Outlander PHEV does.