Queensland Seeking Large Battery Storage System, Tesla A Front Runner

JAN 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Tesla Powerpack

Tesla Powerpack

Neoen’s latest energy storage project hinted for Queensland could enable Tesla to raise the bar for the biggest energy storage after its 100 MW/129 MWh in South Australia.

Queensland (Australia)

There is no official announcement besides mention that Neoen’s Kaban Green Power Hub, 80 km (50 miles) southwest of Cairns in Queensland, needs to get big ESS for its wind farm.

Garth Heron, Neoen’s head of wind development for Australia said:

We are looking to do a very large battery as there is a lot of need for electricity storage up in Queensland.”

Neoen already contracted Tesla for a second smaller project, so the new one in Queensland would be its third with Tesla.

Recently, Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Electric Systems Division began 150 MW ESS project in South Korea (with undisclosed capacity), which means that the Tesla 100 MW/129 MWh record is threatened.

Source: Bloomberg

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There’s only one problem…

It’s Queensland.

Could you please elaborate it?

As i am not an Australian and it’s difficult for me to decode you sentence…!

Replace Queensland with Mississippi or Alabama and it should make sense.

The title of this article is “Queensland Seeks World’s Biggest Battery Storage System” but no where in the body of the article does it state how large a system Queensland has requested. So how do we know it would be the “world’s biggest.”

We don’t, and the title is a complete misnomer.
I’ve just read many of the Australian sources &news accounts… The wind farm (up to 29 turbines) is targeted to generate 376GWh/year.

However, the storage aspects haven’t been planned yet. The planners have no idea what they’d need/want either for momentary output or overall capacity for the storage system, let alone have they decided they’d need a “world’s biggest system”.

Jay: Please fix the headline.

Hopefully, Tesla will consider opening a battery cell factory in Australia. It really makes great sense to do so.
They have all of the elements needed, and Australia is putting some money into buying their products.
By doing cells for lands storage AND Mobile storage, they could easily make the various batteries and ship them to asian locations.

Or get Australian battery supplier Redflow to supply batteries in Australia…

“They have all of the elements needed”

Except for a renewables-friendly government.

Australia doesn’t manufacture much any more we just ship all our resources overseas. The unions have made it too expense to do so

Use robots