Quebec Sets Guinness World Record For Largest Electric Car Parade


It’s now official…Quebec sets the Guinness World Record for the largest EV car parade, with 241 vehicles in total. “Achieved in Montreal April 18, 2015.

Matt Pressman from EV Annex attended the event. He stated:

Can you beat 241?

Can you beat 241? (Photo Credit: Roulez Electrique)

“I was part of it. And the Roulez Electrique community was part of it with other EV owners throughout Quebec (about 5,000 plug-in vehicles were registered in the Province at that time in April). Thanks to my friend Stephane Pascalon, who got the idea, and also made it through all the Guinness World Record rules and their notorious amounts of paperwork! Thanks to all participants, the Branchez-Vous team, and all the EV associations and groups in Quebec. We worked together and we made it!”

Outside of the Guinness record books, the unofficial high tally mark for electric vehicles in a parade is quite a bit higher.

But it does not stop there. The plan is to attempt this again next year, but to go even bigger.

Stéphane Pascalon, organizer of this event, stated:

“We are very proud of this World title that clearly demonstrates the popularity of electric vehicles in Quebec. We thank all the individuals and organizations involved in promoting and achieving the feat”

Lots of Teslas!

Lots of Teslas!

Read the full EV Annex report (with more photos) here.

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And then apparently beaten in Berlin by 577 EVs

The “Guinness” part of the record should also include a note about how tricky it is to get it recognized and what exactly is being recognized specifically.

Next Year the new record will be easy over 1000 EV-Cars 🙂

This must be a different definition or category than the Silicon Valley 2014 record and Berlin 2015 records because those were over 500 each. The Silicon Valley one was formally recognized by Guinness.


The category for the Silicon Valley and Berlin records was electric vehicle parade.

This one is for electric car parade.

But I think we also beat that record in Berlin. But the organizer never filed for the car one 😉


Bravo les mecs! Vive nous!

Quebec with 0.1%EVs…compared to Norway,California etc. a place of lot,s of PARADES,but enormous CO2 abuses…(motoneiges,VTTs….etc.)Let,s hope that a few people se reveille…..but the great majority laughs about them.Malheuresement.