Quebec Extends Plug-In Vehicle Rebate Program For Three More Years (Update)

FEB 9 2014 BY STAFF 6

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Last month, Quebec Natural Resources Minister Martine Ouellet stated that the province’s plug-in vehicle rebate program (up to $8,000 per EV purchase/lease) will be extended for at least three more years. (updated)

Montreal's Auto Show is in Full Swing Now

Montreal’s Auto Show

The rebate program definitely drives sales of plug-ins in Quebec.  It’s the EV hotbed of Canada.

The extension slots into Quebec’s $516-million electrification of transportation plan, which includes a goal of getting at least 12,500 additional EVs on its roads by 2017 and having up to 10,000 chargers across the province.

Today there are approximately 2,000 plug-in vehicles registered in Quebec. A detailed list of the rebate amounts for plug-ins registered in Quebec is available online at this link.

Also note that separately there is a petition to introduce a CARB-ZEV like bill which would set a minimum threshold of electric vehicles to be sold in the province.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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The link to see the rebates by model is wrong in the story. The following link will lead you there.

Thanks for mentioning that! /fixed now

Funny that the Spark EV is listed but not the ELR…

Actually, from Jan. 1st 2014 to Dec 31st 2016, that’s … 3 years more years, not two like the title implies.

Seems like in both Ontario and Québec, the Volt is the standard bearer for Plug-in rebates. Any EV with lesser range than a Volt is not granted a full rebate. Does this rule apply elsewhere?

Actually, Marc, rebates are based on battery size, not range.
16Kw is the minimum size to get full rebates of $8000.