Quantum Demonstrates F-150 Plug-In Hybrid, 35 Miles Of Range

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Quantum Technologies' First PHEV F 150 Was Delivered This Past May To The Florida Power & Light Company

Chevrolet has VIA Motors to thank for converting its Silverado lineup into 40 mile extended range plug-in hybrids (called the VTRUX) , and Ford has Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies on their side.

The Competition - VTRUX (40 Miles Electric / 300 Miles Total Range)

Quantum is demonstrating its “clean, fuel efficient, Plug-In Hybrid Electric (PHEV)” F-150 pickup truck to nation’s leading fleets at the Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF) Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, this week (or at least until Thursday).

There is both a show vehicle for viewing inside and a test vehicle outside the conference available for test drives.

“We are pleased to demonstrate Quantum’s pilot PHEV F-150 vehicles at the HTUF Conference for the fleet managers to experience firsthand the performance and versatility of our highly efficient electric drive system which we plan to launch into production in June of 2013,” said Brian Olson, the CEO of Quantum. “The PHEV F-150 is an ideal solution for fleet managers who want to substantially lower their operating costs, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting corporate sustainability goals.”

The Ford PHEV F-150, is a parallel drive system with all electric operation capability, and is capable of driving on pure electricity for the first 35 miles before shifting into hybrid mode.  The petrol range of the truck is about 600 miles.

Clearly being sold as a work truck, the plug-in F150 incorporates both 110 and 240V power outlets, allowing up to 30kWh of off-board power for emergencies or for operating tools.

Quantum Tech's 21 kWh Lithium Battery Specs

The truck comes with Ford’s 3.7L V6 that puts out 302 hp and 278 lb-ft torque, while the electric motor is rated at 100 kW cont/150 kW peak (134 hp to 201 hp).  Refreshingly, the company lists both the total storage capacity of their lithium battery (21 kWh), and the useable amount of energy – 17.1 kWh, which makes a 35 mile range easily attainable.

As with most plug-ins with large on board batteries, the PHEV F-150 qualifies for many federal, state and local incentives including California’s HVIP program — $8,000 for the first two trucks and $6,000 per truck afterwards, along with the federal tax rebate of $7,500

Quantum has shown they are serious about building and selling these trucks, having recently delivered its first plug-in Ford to the Florida Power & Light Company at the end of May.
Like Via with the VTRUX, obtaining exact pricing information on the electric F150 has proven to be somewhat difficult, but we feel that something similar to Via’s estimate of an“anticipated selling price of $79,000 in volume” would also net you the PHEV F 150.

Overview Of Quantum Ford F 150 PHEV


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Smart market to go after…Ford should just outright be the first major car maker to have a plug-in truck…


Interesting article. I’m going to the National Plug-In Day Festival on Sunday, September 23 in downtown Salt Lake City and VIA Motors will have one of their trucks, vans and SUV available for test drives. If anyone else is in the area, they should join. Fisker will have a Karma and Chevy their infamous Volt. Should be a good time.

I think this is the way to go for pick-up trucks. By why a $50,000 add to a truck that is already probably $30,000? I understand the battery itself is about 25% larger than the Volt’s 16 KW battery to acheive similar range, but this is more than double the truck’s original cost.

I’m wondering how much money could be saved if the truck had say a 5 or 10 mile all electric range rather than 35 miles?