Quant Quantino & Quant F – Live Images From 2015 Geneva Motor Show

MAR 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 19

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

nanoFlowcell AG unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show its two latest models – red Quant F (see description here) and blue QUANTiNO (see description here), with a third model silver QUANT E from 2014 sitting somewhere aside.


  • range up to 800 km (500 miles)
  • power 800 kW
  • top speed 300 km/h (186 mph)


  • range up to 1000 km (620 miles)
  • power 100 kW
  • top speed 200 km/h (124 mph)

On the stage, everything was glamor, although we are a little concerned if nanoFlowcell technology with flow batteries really works – at least we question the performance and range claims of 800-1000 km (500-620 miles) of range.

Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technical Officer (seen in the photos) said in the interview that the first prototypes already are being tested and are doing well:

“Question: Critics claim that flow cell technology cannot be sufficiently advanced for it to be deployed in any meaningful way in the automotive sector. What do you say to this?

Nunzio La Vecchia: That’s an interesting assertion. I would have loved to have seen these critics at the roadside as I spent a whole morning driving the QUANT E around Zurich in February – I would have waved to them with a smile as I swept past them. But seriously – the QUANT E is already up and running with the nanoFlowcell® on public roads and on test and race tracks in Germany and Switzerland. The performance figures are exceptional. The acceleration is phenomenal – and without any harmful emissions. I’m fully convinced that the nanoFlowcell® is headed for a positive future.”

Quant E

Quant E

The next step will be homologation of Quant F “in preparation for series production“.

nanoFlowcell is looking beyond the automotive sector and is considering IPO:

“The potential applications for the nanoFlowcell® cover a very diverse range, and not only in the automotive sector. For this reason, we have extended our research and development activities into other fields and industry sectors. The flow cell technology is also of interest for sectors like aerospace, railways and shipping, road haulage and housing construction and building services. Initial talks exploring opportunities for cooperative ventures with leading international companies in these sectors are already under way.”

“In an effort to continue to drive the growth and the development opportunities associated with the nanoFlowcell®, we are currently thinking about a diverse range of strategic options, including a possible IPO. The first promising talks are already taking place.”

Quant F

Quant F

Quant F

Quant F

Quant F

Quant F

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

Quant Quantino

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You should delete all about Quant!
He is an impostor, Nunzio L was already accused in switzerland. In 2010 there was already a Quant in Geneva…he is only collecting money in his pocket.
There is NO evidence for this range!

Who the heck is ‘Quant’?

I Quant one!

Just kidding! 😛

I Quant get over how cool this car is!

OK – Sorry…again! 🙂

I have Quantrary opinion!
This car puts me in Quantry!
I think it sort of Quant! (quaint)

Not sure how you would Quant-i-fy the effectiveness of this design if it’s vaporware. Oh no! I am so sorry! L 🙂 L

Did they bring the unicorns out that provide the fluid for the batteries?

I think you are thinking of unicorn blood, which can keep anything alive though it is within inches of death, like the prospects of these cars actually exiting in any Qauntity!

I wonder if they get their Unicorn blood from Radiant Farms?


Quant only uses the blood of free range unicorns.

Will the price be out of reach if the Fed stops Quant-itative Easing? Maybe if we buy in larger Quant-ities.

LOL! Fed for the win! Nice…


Are talking about the girls standing next to the car?


The CEO is a well-known fraudster. See first comment where somebody already mentioned this with links.

Every article is free advertising for this huckster to pull in more investor money.

It’s 99% certain that all the Quant battery claims are bogus.

Perhaps InsideEVs’ secret trading department is doing the ol’ Pump’n Dump? That IPO would be one juicy short… ;o)

tftf, That is just untrue. It is not 99 % certain but it is 100 % certain that all the Quant battery claims are bogus. Please be more careful with numbers!

That bowtie does screem “con”… Or is it “Quan”?

– They are making the Quan… And you’re talking Jerry!
– Shut up. Play the game, play it from your heart and I’ll show you the Quan
– I don’t wanna be friends no more Jerry…

And how is “women selling cars” still a thing? You’re blocking my view lady! ;oP

Flow cells are interesting if average power is needed for a very long time. In that perspective they can be cheaper than batteries. In the same time, they retain the typical high all round energy yield of the batteries contrary to hydrogen fuel cells. The liquid nature of the fluid make it also more energy dense and easy to store than hydrogen even if the cost of the fluid is obviously higher in the first place. It appears as a kind of intermediate between batteries and fuel cells. In the future it could be that oil tankers are converted to flow cell fluid tankers to transport renewable photovoltaic energy from the Australian deserts to the port of Rotterdam.

If it sounds too good to be true it’s not true. This car (as advertised) does not exist until it has been independently verified.