Qoros To Focus On Electric Cars

JAN 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 6

Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept

Qoros 2 SUV PHEV Concept

According to Autocar, Chinese-Israeli carmaker Qoros is struggling, and the prescription for better sales are electric and autonomous cars.

Two new divisions – first New Energy Vehicles and second Mobility were established.

Whether it will help we don’t know, but Qoros presented a plug-in hybrid concept at the Shanghai Auto Show last year and signed a deal with LG Chem for lithium-ion batteries.

Qoros changed its CEO too – Phil Murtaugh, who we remember as CEO of CODA. The new transitional CEO is Qoros chairman Anning Chen.

The problem with EVs and autonomous driving technologies is that a company needs high investments and lots time to develop EVs, which is doubly difficult when sales of the current lineup flop:

“Qoros also revealed that that its sales performance with its three-model Qoros 3 line-up has been very poor, with a ‘run rate’ of just 2000 vehicles per month in December 2015.

Even with the well-received Qoros 5 SUV about to go on sale, it is clear that the new brand has not made a sales breakthrough in the Chinese market.”

Source: Autocar

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Looks like they tried to copy Cadillac and failed.

It’s good that they at least try to build a Plug-In vehicle.

There’s no Israeli connection any more.

An Israeli conglomerate, Israel Corp., was one of the investors in the company, but they were never active in management, engineering or sales, and sold their stake to a Singaporean company a year ago.

(Incidentally, Israel Corp. was the main investor in the late Project Better Place).

Yeah, it sucked that Israel bet so heavily on Better Place because they are probably now jaded about electric cars. But the place is perfect for electric cars . . . the country is tiny, they hardly drive outside of their own borders, they don’t really like buying oil from their arab neighbors, and their is lots of sun to solar PV charge up the cars.


I was wondering why didn’t Tesla expand there, Israel is the perfect place(no pun intended) for an all nation electric car experiment, where EVs need not fear of range anxiety.