Qoros Green-Lights 350 km/218 Mile EV For End of 2016

JUN 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 12



Chinese-Israeli carmaker Qoros, after launching a new plug-in division, intends to introduce its first all-electric model before the end of this year.

Earlier this year Qoros unveiled two concept models –  the 5 SUV Q•LECTRIQ and 3 Q•LECTRIQ (both terrible names in our opinion).

The latter will surprisingly see the start of production in Q4 of 2016, with “mass production” to start in 2017.   Great news for the Chinese market that can’t get enough all-electric cars these days.

Qoros states some decent numbers surrounding the 3 Q.LECTRIQ:

  • 350 km (218 miles) distance per charge
  • 7.9 seconds for 0-100 kph acceleration
  • 162 kph top speed
  • 80% quick charge within 1 hour

The company’s new strategy includes more “affordable and accessible green products desired by customers in the future“, which seems…well, obvious.

Qoros 5 SUV Q•LECTRIQ and Qoros 3 Q.LECTRIQ

Qoros 5 SUV Q•LECTRIQ and Qoros 3 Q.LECTRIQ

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12 Comments on "Qoros Green-Lights 350 km/218 Mile EV For End of 2016"

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Nosecones are soo retro now!

Is it just me that rear end of Q3 looks like a blend of 90s Chevy Cavalier with BMW lights and the front also looks like a Ford Contour from 90s?

I think BYD looks better in general.

Like the concept I have to say. Back looks like something straight off a VW 🙂

Is that fugly thing …. desirable?

When will they learn…..

No positive responses? The Tesla-badge is missing!

All good *but* 1 hour to 80% is not *fast* charging, needs a network of 150+ kWh chargers to support long range travel. Apart from that looks good, range is perfectly good I would consider one if the price was decent.

Chinese forum they write about 66 kWh battery, don’t know if thats right.

Could be a big contender.

Qoros is a 50/50 JV between Chinese automaker Chery and a Singapore-based spinoff of Israeli conglomerate Israel Corp, but there is otherwise nothing Israeli about the company. Strategy, design & production are all Chinese.

It looks like the Skoda Octavia

I like the looks! Bit retro maybe, but with a futuristic tweak. Bring it on.

Oh, and make that 80% DFCF within 20min and EuroNCAP 5 star safety. Then we can talk!

I like the 5. In Black with Extended battery for 25k euro

Where can I pre order?