Qiantu K50 Electric Sports Car Debuts In China – Live Review/Test Drive

MAY 4 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Qiantu Motor K50

Qiantu Motor K50

Auto China motor show in Beijing was full of electric cars this year.

One of the most conspicuous was the Qiantu Motor K50, a pure electric sports car with an aluminium frame and carbon fiber body, which is based on the earlier prototype shown in Shanghai in 2015.

Update: Full video review of the K5o in action below (hat tip to Maxim!)

The Qiantu K50 (shown in coupé and roadster versions) is scheduled for production in 2017 with price tag north of $100,000.

Spec includes 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.6 seconds. Two electric motors provides 402bhp of power and 479lb ft (650 Nm) of torque. The range is apparently up to 186 miles (300 km).

Inside there is Tesla-style large touchscreen.

According to Autocar, Qiantu Motor is building a new factory with annual output of 50,000 cars, but we assume that most of the production will be designed for other low-spec, more popular models (two other were also shown in Beijing).

Qiantu Motor K50

Qiantu Motor K50

Qiantu Motor K50

Qiantu Motor K50

Qiantu Motor K50

Qiantu Motor K50

source: Autocar

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Nice looking but Falling Short…..

Pretty Much.


I would prefer that the Chevrolet Jolt EV become a reality…


is it for real? it might make sense with a fast charger

Someone made a nice effort with this.
(I’m surprised he hasn’t been hit with lawyers… I saw no disclaimer that this is not an official Chevy site or car, and the author/artist use trademarked names & logos very freely).

That said, a sportscar is unlikely. Checy would get much better RoI by spending the same R&D on a larger CUV version of the Bolt.

Is that for real?
From GM?

GM MIGHT, just MIGHT, be taking EVs serious.
I am not wild about the interior, but as to the outside, performance, range, etc, that is a decent little car.
They should name it after a pony though, and make it part of the pony spectrum.

I like it. But I would not have the dramatic two colors as shown. Maybe two shades of the same color.

Wow, that’s ugly. At least the FF Zero (chance of being made) is an attractive car.

China test drive

Nice (and obscure) find Maxim!

Will add that into the story (with a hat tip to yourself as well of course)

It looks like it has a big picture of a stapler on the front fender.


Yet another copy of… Hmm I don’t know…

Well if it is no copy, then it is ugly…

Oh sweet prejudice… How simple my life can be!