Putting A Tesla Model S Into Camper Mode – How-To Video


“Tutorial for setting the car in Camper Mode which runs the HVAC (heater/AC/air circulation) constantly on while you’re sleeping in the car or doing something else. This mode can’t be used while charging.”

Bjørn Nyland shows us how to put a Tesla Model S into “Camper Mode,” which will keep the heat or AC running for whatever reason needed.

Without “Camper Mode,” Bjørn mentioned that the vehicle will shut off after 30 minutes, even when you are inside the Model S.

Check out the video to learn how to engage “Camper Mode” on the Model S.

We would like to add that if you are going to attempt this, it’s probably wise to make sure a charging station is nearby or to use the “Camper Mode” with a decent amount of charge in your battery pack. Bjørn claims this typically consumes  4-7 kilometers of range per hour.  So, judge the range and use “Camper Mode” accordingly.

Bjorn adds that the lights remain on in "Camper Mode". Its up to you to find means of being discreet.

Bjørn adds that the lights remain on in “Camper Mode“. Its up to you to find means of being discreet.

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Hmm, interesting. So in the U.S. models can all the lights, including the daytime running lights, be turned off?

Yup. Another cool thing is the remote settings not only allow adjustment of the temperature, but leave the lights around the car off, once activated. My Volt lights up, alone in a parking lot, if I pre-condition.

Also if you do go camping this winter, and find yourself emerging from a snow-packed odyssey, your Tesla does not need to be plugged-in, for you to warm it up remotely.

This is quite interresting but incomplete.
It would be a fine suggestion to Tesla to implement a full “camper mode” on an upcoming update.

Certainly would like to see this in a Model X as well. That has an optional hitch and may be used for “camping”. Back of Model X would be extra bed. Or just on a road trip to take a nap, etc.

I’m surprised there wasn’t a mode for this already.

I mean if you have a kid sleeping in the car or a dog on a hot summer day (or cold winter day) you would want to be able to have the temperature right even if it’s for more than half an hour.
Maybe it will come in an update.

Indeed, in the interest of safety, a Tesla should run the A/C (until the battery is dead if needed) if it detects an occupant in the car whose interior has reached dangerously high temperatures. Also, it could send a text or email to the owner, and perhaps even automatically alert 911.

And open all the windows before the battery dies from running the A/C.

Yes and unlock the doors too and activate tow mode. Last but definitely not least, put a big message on the screen: “Come and get me!”

I’d love to read a news story where a Tesla, by itself, saves a baby or animal left in a hot car.

Pet friendly mode while parked, would be awesome…

Too bad it can’t be used while charging. I assume that’s because you can’t shift into neutral.

I wonder if there’s a software solution, i.e., have an app on your phone that automatically (re)starts the HVAC pre-conditioning every half-hour. Is that possible?

I think this could be possible with the scheduled pre heating set to every half an hour.

I’ve been frustrated trying to sleep in the car during cold nights of charging in RV campgrounds. After half an hour (or is it an hour?) the car turns itself off. I wake up from being cold and have to open the door to get it going again. All this when, because of the shore power, there is no need to save battery energy.

The VOlt is much easier to be put in “Camper Mode”.

Turn the car on, and turn the heater and air conditioner on. If you don’t want the lights you can turn them off independently, and You can also be charging the car (so that the battery will not be drained. It just keeps up on ‘econ heating’, with the blower speed low, and most any air conditioning is fine.

I racked up 30kwh of charging at the NY State Fair in Syracuse this way by having the air conditioner on the whole 10 hours I and friends were there. We took turns grabbing a few z’s while the rest of us were busy walking around. Obviously all the juice went to the air conditioner, but hey, at least the 16 amp Bosch Power Max didn’t RUST from lack of use!

I just know the ‘Gun Doctor’ is going to complain you can’t run the heater at full blast and not have the battery drain. That is true, but a dual 3300 watt or single 6600 watt charger wouldn’t help.

The brouchure stated ‘ELECTRIC cars have priority parking at the FAIR’. That was literally true, Of the thousands of parking spaces, they had, Count ‘Em: TWO 16 amp BOsch Powermax’s.

So if you pulled up with a much bigger car charger you would get less than 4000 watts anyway. (Fortunately, they hooked the thing up at 230 volts.. If they had hooked it up to the adjacent box, which only had 202 volts, you wouldn’t even get the full 3300 watts per car).