Pure Electric Subaru Crossover Slated For 2021 Launch


Viziv 2 Live in Geneva

Viziv 2 Live in Geneva From…a long time ago

Japanese automaker Subaru is one of the last remaining plug-in electric car holdouts in the automotive field, at least among the relatively well-known automakers.

Viziv 2 Live in Geneva

Viziv 2 Live in Geneva

Due to upcoming stringent emission regulations, and a need to sell plug-ins of some type by 2018 (smaller OEMs can still offest BEV sales with PHEV), Subaru now says that it’ll launch a pure electric crossover in the U.S. to help out with that by 2021.

As Automotive News reports:

“The Japanese brand aims to release a midsize awd vehicle based on its Forester or Outback crossover, Japan’s Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun reported Aug. 8, without identifying the source of the information.”

“The new model is expected to ride on the new global platform Subaru’s parent, Fuji Heavy Industries, unveiled earlier this year.”

Subaru has shown several plug-in crossover concepts over the years, but not one has made it to production. The most promising concept is the Viziz, which has lived on through a couple of variations on the auto show stage over the years.

Officially, Fuji Heavy says there’s been no specific decision made at this time in regards to launching a pure electric vehicle. Spokesperson Masato Saito commented:

“We have yet to decide on any specifics at the moment.”

Prior to the launch of the pure electric crossover, Subaru will release compliance-fulfilling plug-in hybrid in 2018. That decision was made official quite some time ago.

Source: Automotive News


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That will be a bit later than we wanted to replace our 2011 Forester, but if their EV engineering is as good as ICE engineering (both motor and drivetrain/suspension), I might just wait for it. Zero problems with our Subie so far and good brand loyalty in general. Wish it didn’t take them so long though…

An EV is the only way I’d consider buying a Subaru, since I can’t stand the sound of a boxer engine (not to mention the reliability issues Subaru has had with them).

But the question is – as with all EVs – how will it charge for long-distance driving, and is it merely a compliance car? We really need a uniform charging standard. I vote for adoption of the Supercharger protocol, with payment plans set up per mfr.

The different charging standards has been an issue but that issue is shrinking as new charging stations all have dual plugs for non Teslas and Teslas have adapters to use them…
In the next five years the number of charging stations will greatly increase…

As long as Tesla chargerges are branded as Tesla NO manfacture will agree to using them…
That is almost as sacreligous as buying a new Ford with a Chevy engine NOT happening…

Subaru and EVs don’t make sense. You take your Subaru where there aren’t any charging stations, off road. PHEV, on the other hand, makes sense.

Well the thing is lots of people in PNW/Colorado/etc buy them for the AWD, good weight balance on the snow, and low running costs. We also buy them for the idea of going “off road”. When the reality is that we usually just need to clear some nasty pot holes 3 miles up a forest service road from I-90 for our hike.

For the PNW as long as the range can make it from Seattle to Rainier and back to a quick charge. And It can make it from Seattle to Ellensburg QC in the nasty snow they’ll sell TONS of these.

Ungh, ugly fake ICE Grill Syndrome. 😛

Very late to the party, but this would be a big hit in Colorado, which has huge Subaru sales due to the good winter driving characteristics. If it can hit 200 miles, then it will make the journey to the local ski slopes that much more pleasant.

Tesla-esque door handles anybody?

Looks like a BOLT competitor.

I’m not that great at handicapping the BOLT’s future sales, but I’d think they will sell alot of them, even with the USA’s inexpensive gasoline. If gasoline prices go back to $5 per gallon, then EVERYONE will want these cars.

If that transpires – EVERY automaker will have to release cars like this, even those that don’t currently want to.

AS Bob Lutz has said, GM for one, is agnostic as to powertrain fuels. They will build whatever the public wants.

Unfortunately, besides owning 2 myself (my 2nd and 3rd evs), I’ve only convinced my dentist to purchase a 2015 volt.

But its a seed that needs to germinate… If like me, most ev owners ‘plug’ its benefits, sooner or later more people will own them.

2021? That’s not late to the EV party at all. So 9 years after Tesla introduced the model S will we see an all electric Subaru. I’ve owned 2 Subarus and there’s plenty to like, especially their AWD. But when my Legacy got totalled I leased a 2015 Leaf and never looked back. Once I get my model 3 both cars will be all electric and Subaru’s chances of winning back my business are slim to none.
At least until 2021. But I’m not holding my breath.

While Tesla struggles to make 80,000 cars/year. Subaru has increased their sales to 1,000,000 car/year.

It’s all just stone age technology. Their space age technology EV sales are at 0.00 car/year!


Yes, Tesla’s ACC and AEB are stone age tech compare to Subaru’s eyesight tech.

What’s with this cheetah look cars have nowadays? Including this vaporware Subaru. It looks really dumb and I can’t understand how it does not negatively affect drag (cd).

How long before there are solar PV installations with batteries along popular offroad trails to refuel the offroad EV’s?

It’d be like magically refilling “jerrycans”