Pure Electric Porsche Cayenne Spotted Testing


Electric Porsche Cayenne Spotted by CAR - More Images Heres

Electric Porsche Cayenne Spotted by CAR – More Images Here

CAR magazine claims to have spotted a pure electric Porsche Cayenne out testing (see image plus more images here).

The UK magazine speculates that this is a BEV version of the Cayenne largely due to the fact that it’s riding low in the rear. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a pure electric Porsche testing in disguise with exhaust pipes masking what it really is.

CAR states:

“We know that Porsche is considering a coupe-ified, lower crossover to match the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, BMW X6 and other slammed SUVs.”

“But it’s also electric-powered, according to our sources. Which points to Porsche challenging the increasing number of crossover EVs being developed by the world’s premium car makers to remove the stigma from super-sizing your car.”

“This car would therefore target the Tesla Model X, Mercedes’ planned all-electric soft-roader based on the GLC and upcoming Jaguar EVs wrapped in crossover bodystyles.”

According to sources, this electric crossover has not yet been green-lighted for production, but speculation is that it won’t be long before Porsche makes an official announcement declaring that an all-electric Cayenne is production bound for 2020-ish.

Source: CAR

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Basing this just on its riding low in the rear seems a bit tenuous. It could be just the weight for test-equipment for any kind of experimental/prototype vehicle including ICE (ahem, emissions equipment…), or even if it has an EV drivetrain, a drivetrain test mule.

Also looks like is has a Tesla-esque battery pan retrofitted under the standard cabin.

Definitely looks odd.

Or even a plug in hybrid. Maybe thats why it was silent when photographed.

Not that I wouldn’t wish for more luxury EVs and its not unlikely that Porsche is developing two different EVs, but why announce the Mission E, but test an unannounced pure electric Cayenne?

I’d say its a high performance plugin mule, something above the Panamera/Cayenne Turbo, as well as a Cayenne “coupe”. mule.

I’d stick with the Tried & True with a Proven Track record.., Which is getting better & better day by day…

You mean Porsche? Ferdinand Porsche invented the first hybrid electric and one of the first fully electric cars, all the way back in 1900..

Yea, That’s what I want ! A 1910 electric Porsche !

Many collectors around the world would covet such a piece of history as an electric Porsche from 1910. It would probably be worth upwards of 10 million US dollars.

I has two places to plugin.

Buzz died 10 years ago.

Next /

What is the difference between a slammed crossover and a liftback sedan?

It appears in terms of the mechanical parts of the car nothing. I think in terms of the plastic, a “slammed” crossover is taller with more upright seating and greater distance between the base of the side windows and the bottom of the skirt. I wonder if this will become popular as luxury vehicles shift to having greater amounts of batteries in the floor.

If true, this is great news! The more desirable EVs on the market, the better.

I thought I recognized a Panamera instead of a Cayenne. And indeed, it’s the Panamera body on the Cayenne (Audi) running gear.

Hello frankencar.

You nailed it mate.

otherwise slow news :

Maybe thats the new BEV Lamborigini that is based on the panamera body.

Yes……More 300 mile EVs!!!!

Thats no EV, is a Porsche carrying your mother! 😀

The rear wheels are smaller? No?

It looks more like a Porsche with broken drive train then an EV. Or maybe they are trying a take off.

All electric with dual exhaust ? Must have that glitter coal roller mod.

Read the story. They’re decoys.