Pure Electric Honda/Acura NSX Under Consideration


Acura NSX Time Attack 1 and 2 Vehicles

Acura NSX Time Attack 1 and 2 Vehicles

The Honda/Acura NSX is currently in production in the U.S.

The standard version of the car comes as a non-plug-in hybrid, with a twin turbo 3.5-liter V6 and three electric motor setup. Total HP is listed at 573.

However, at Pikes Peak, Honda entered a special pure electric NSX and now the automaker is considering developing a similar such car for public consumption.

As Autocar reports:

“According to NSX project boss Ted Klaus, Honda is contemplating convertible, lightweight, non-hybrid and all-electric versions, one of which is set to wear the Type R badge.”

“Honda entered a lightweight version of the NSX in the recent Pikes Peak rally event in the US, and Klaus said it was “the general direction we wish to go” with the NSX.”

“He added that making a “more pure, simplified version” was “in some ways more straightforward” and that there was “an appetite for it” within Honda.”

This would imply that Klaus is looking at a pure electric NSX setup, due largely to its simplicity, but there’s also a chance Honda may go the other direction by ditching the hybrid setup in favor of only a gasoline engine. That would seem to be against the grain of what most other automakers are pushing for these days, but it’s still a possibility.

The NSX that ran at Pikes Peak was a four-motor electric car.  Not simple at all and not likely the direction Honda would take with the production electric NSX.

Autocar adds:

“Honda also entered an all-electric version of the NSX at Pikes Peak, with four individually controlled electric motors. Klaus said the team wanted to investigate torque vectoring while testing battery durability and power electronics, which are two other engineering obstacles standing between the car and production. “There are other technical issues to solve, but that’s why we had one there,” he said.”

Source: Autocar

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A 4 motor ev would still have less moving parts then honda lawn mower engine

Does anyone know what the 0-60 time is on the race car?

Torque vectoring is awesome. Hub motors are simpler than a single motor + differential!

I guess a 4 motor design would still be far less complex than their current car. They already use three electric motors and a petrol engine.

I guess they will go, at least, for three motors. Two at the back and one at the front, would be a bit cleverer, but they could also try two front and one in the back.

Jason Cammmisa sort of pans the NSX’s non-track modes, but has a good explanation of torque vectoring, including a wheel chair:

It’s all in the software.

Sounds great, surely will be costly but everything they do will can expand to other models…Their prime candidate would be an electric Accord which is their best selling vehicle…

In a electric setup 2 motors for the rear make sense to a get a similar functionality as a Limited Slip Diff (LSD). For the front you would not mind as much and a open diff gets you a bit more turn in and less understeer.

On the other hand, for the Mitsubishi Outlander there are 60kW motors on each axle, and for low traction it’s good enough to just use the ABS to get the power to the other wheel. A off-road beast it isn’t.

1999 NSX Zanardi Special Edition. I have #2, they have only made 50 (or 51). Which one is in video?

I wonder how you tow that thing?


Chris Harris’ review of the NSX in the new Top Gear was one of his best, and gives me hope for Honda. What a great car.