Pure Electric Genesis Is Definitely Part of Hyundai’s Plan


Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai’s┬áSenior Vice President Manfred Fitzgerald has made it known that Hyundai’s Genesis brand will get a pure electric car at some point in the future:

“We will definitely go as Genesis brand down the road of alternative propulsions and it is very, very obvious that EV is definitely on the map.”

“I think full electric cars will be the future in the auto industry.”

Fitzgerald didn’t provide any further details though, so we don’t know what type of vehicle will be electric under the Genesis brand. However, he did confirm previous reports that Genesis will offer plug-in hybrids too.

Hyundai has already confirmed plans for Genesis to sell plug-in hybrids.

Automotive News adds:

“An electric vehicle would diversify the propulsion systems for the new brand, something Fitzgerald said was important to success in the luxury market.”

Source: Automotive News

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Spark a Genesis of EV?

Now we’re getting EV announcements with zero projected production detail. Vaporware until it hits Springfield MO.

I’m pretty sure this is the schematics of the traction motor.

Nice! I can hear it in my head now; “Give me Genesis!”

LMAO! Well played!