Pure Electric Car Sales In Germany Up 25.8% Year Over Year in April

MAY 28 2014 BY MARK KANE 19

According To AutoExpress, the BMW i3 Is Where "It" Is "At" For The Best EV You Can Buy In The UK

BMW i3

Sales of pure electric cars are still growing in Germany. By 25.8% year over year in April in fact, despite a shrinking (by 3.6%) automotive market.

The total number of pure elctric registrations amounted to 599, which translates to approximately 0.2% market share. After four months of 2014, Germany has 2,444 new pure electric cars.

For comparison, the number of hybrid registrations is 2,309 in April, from which 302 are plug-in hybrids. After four month, PHEV registrations stand at 723. KBA has some inaccuracy in plug-in numbers due to different methodology before 2012, so we are not 100% sure that these figures are accurate.

In total we see at last 901 plug-in vehicles registered in April and 3,167 for this year.

BMW i3 has highest number of registrations in April – 274 and 912 YTD. If our understanding of KBA data is right, 166 are pure electric i3 and 108 are REx. This would mean that (using the same table from previous months) BMW i3 logged 601 EV registrations and 347 REx this year.

Renault ZOE sales were 80 in April and 285 this year, Tesla Model S – 48 in April and 287 YTD and Nissan LEAF – 46 in April and 272 YTD. There was 11 i-MIEVs sold in April and 21 YTD.

smart fortwo electric drive probably had 103 last month and 401 YTD. Volkswagen e-up! remains a mystery and so too does e-Golf. On the EV Sales blog we see 248 e-up!s sold in April. But is this true? ZOE, LEAF, Model S, i-MiEV plus 248 e-up! and 103 smart ed is 525, which would mean 74 for i3 instead of 166 and zero e-Golfs? Can’t be right.

And what number for Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, which for sure should have some registrations included in 599?

If only other countries could do as well as we do at tracking plug-in vehicle sales.  Maybe someday.

EV registrations in Germany

EV registrations in Germany

On the EV Sales blog we see interesting numbers for Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 118 in April and 135 YTD, but Volvo V60 Plug-In despite just 33 in April, still leads YTD with 139. Opel Ampera fell apart with 6 and 33 respectively. Porsche Panamera Plug-In has 10 registrations and 28 after four months.

And this is cool – the first seven BMW i8 registered this year in Germany.

2015 BMW i8

2015 BMW i8

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Zero e-Golfs sounds right since they won’t be delivered for another two months, I think.

Year-over-year sales for March are very impressive: 191 to 823 (431% increase).

Expect May/June EV totals will get a boost when Tesla deliveries start appearing.

Reportedly there’s plenty of Tesla supply in Germany, but for some reason the Germans aren’t buying.

Apparently, the cost is too high (no significant incentives for EVs there) compared to BMW and Mercedes while lacking active safety features that those vehicles have along with the ability to cruise at autobahn speeds (100+ mph).

Not to mention that Germans apparently have a strong preference for German vehicles. Tesla has a tough battle there.

I feel like they need a 100 kWh Model S with higher top speed, more interior refinement and at a similar or lower price to the current 85 kWh Model S along with more SuperChargers before sales really take off there.

That’s the American way of thinking. Make it cheaper or give me more for less. It’s arrogant to claim Teslas don’t sell solely because they are too expensive. There’s enough wealthy people there to buy Teslas, it just doesn’t fit the lifestyle and roads.

If Tesla wants to succeed there they need a smaller B or C segment sized hot hatch.

“Brian Henderson
May 28, 2014 at 11:55 am

Expect May/June EV totals will get a boost when Tesla deliveries start appearing.”

What? Model S has been on sale in Germany since last Fall !

Tesla sales have been dismal which led to a huge price cut, and sales are still dismal.

Keep in mind Elon projected the Model S selling at a rate of 10,000 annually by the end of this year.

Yea, Elon over promised and under delivered, just like he did with the battery quick swap network, and the multiple delayed Model X introduction dates.

Just ONE comment. The city of Hamburg has 900 EV where 750 have beed sponsored by 50% from a “local EV program for Business Users”. There are cars for financial government etc. which drive 15km a day etc. And very important: Private Owners get no sponsoring from government. And guess what brands german government is ordering.

Without these sponsoring the e-market would be 1/4 or less.

Beside that a few private owners (like me), getting nothing from government JUST BUY these cars. This community is growing.

I guess 10-15% of the whole market is private owned, nor more.

As I understand the table:
column 7 is pure EVs (BEVs) and column 9 plug-in hybrids. (Column 8 gives total n. of hybrids, plug-in and non plug-in).
Tesla is probably included in the last raw (“sonstige”, or “other”).

For VW, the total n. of BEVs is 102. That should be the total of eUp and eGolf (probably all eUp).


Your own interpretations sound right to me.

The blog you mentioned mistakenly took the number of VW Up! with other fuels as EV numbers from page 7 of the FZ8 document. However, there is also a CNG version of it.
All we can use for our EV needs are http://www.kba.de/SharedDocs/Publikationen/DE/FZ/2014_monatlich/FZ10/fz10_2014_04_pdf.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=3, if the EV is a separate model type and page 6 from this document http://www.kba.de/SharedDocs/Publikationen/DE/FZ/2014_monatlich/FZ8/fz8_2014_04_pdf.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=3 if you want to guestimate the number of EV sales per model from the total number of EV sales per manufacturer.
Currently there is no way to distinguish between eGolf end eUp! sales.
Mercedes has logged 5 EV sales this month, that are probably the B-Class (minus SLS AMG EVs) or do they still sell the old A-Class EV?

When I asked them for more detailed statistics on EVs, I was only refered to those docuements and FZ14: http://www.kba.de/SharedDocs/Publikationen/DE/FZ/2013/fz14_2013_pdf.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=3 , but this is released only once a year.


A-Class EV was never for sale, there were some test-cars only. They would have been released if CARB hadn’t droped their EV-regulations in the early 2000s. BMW would have released the E1, Audi an electric A3. To bad, the future got delayed 10 more years at that time…

EV sales blog mixed up alternative fuel with electric. The Up! is available with CNG ICE too. 248 is e-Up! + CNG UP! together.

No Tesla? Zero??

Tesla is “Sonstige” (others) in this list.

“…Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, which for sure should have some registrations included in 599?”

What do you mean Mark? Like trader or test-car registrations? Because in case of private and company customers, Mercedes will offer the B ED at the end of the at the earliest, as far as I am informed. The US-Market gets the first deliveries in this year.

…at the end of the YEAR… 😉

Yes. Few units.

Germany has been a total disaster for Telsa.

Elon stated Germany was going to be the 3rd largest market for Tesla, with a sales rate of 10,000 per annum by the end of 2014.


Only chance is

1.) the Supercharger Network for Europe
2.) lower the price by including the 22kw TYP2 twin charger, free access to supercharger for 60kw Model and including the TYP2 Cable for public charging.
3.) Speed up Introduction of Model X and 3rd Gen


New numbers from Germany for May-14:
934 pure electric vehicles (+138% compared to May-13)
Source: http://www.kba.de/DE/Presse/Pressemitteilungen/2014/Fahrzeugzulassungen/pm17_2014_n_05_14_komplett.html