Pure Electric Car Sales In Europe Up By Two-Thirds In April

JUN 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

EagleAID, in one of its recent reports, noted that first-time registrations of all-electric cars in Western Europe went up by two-thirds in April and YTD by 58.1%.

Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE (in France) are pushing the market upwards.

“Hot on the heels of a month that saw the best-ever sales turnout for electric cars, just one month on Europe’s anxious car industry was treated to yet another rare nugget of good news.

That’s chiefly the observation that so far this year the sales share going to all-electric cars like Nissan’s LEAF has risen sharply.”

Pure electric cars reached 0.59% market share in West European countries after four months, while a year ago that figure was 0.41%.

Plug-in hybrids probably add another ≈0.6%, so in total we are talking about over 1% market share for plug-in electric cars.

Source: EagleAID

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for the first time a positive statement from EagleAID. Jeah… cool. =)

+1. Indeed, just the change of their tone might be the best news of them all.

But trust EagleAID to get the details wrong, even as they finally get the story right.

As of 2015, the Leaf is *not* the one pushing the Euro market. True, YTD it is still #1 among BEVs with >6k units sold, but that’s only a 25% increase over 2015, vs. the overall market’s nearly 60% increase.

The real BEV push in Europe indeed comes from
– the Zoe (4.8k units vs. 1.9k last year),
– the VW e-Golf (>4k units vs. none last year)
– Nissan’s own eNV-200 (>1k units vs. none last year, about the same increase in terms of units as the Leaf’s)


Europe has several differences to North America that make EVs more desirable.
More stringent pollution laws in several major citys allow only ZEVs to their core.
Higher gas/diesel fuel prices.
Lower taxes on ZEVs.
More drivers that do not usually travel long distances.

I expect that the market will grow to 50% in Europe long before that point is reached in America.

Yes, but through mid-2014 the U.S. EV market had been far ahead of the Euro one.
They are now catching up as the US market is in a holding pattern (and somewhat depressed due to oil prices). Meanwhile, China is overtaking both of them by leaps and bounds.

Of interest is how the US market will look this fall, with Gen 2 Volt, Tesla Model X (surely to be delivered in the US first) and 30-KWh(?) Leaf.

If you wanted to travel a long way you can also take a train instead of a car, something not really common in the USA.