Pure Electric BMW i8 Driven By Kid – Video


Retailing for less than $200, this BMW i8 is pure electric and for kids only.  And it’s a convertible!

Why is it that kids get the version of the i8 that we adults actually want?

Pure electric, convertible and cheap. Now that’s the type of i8 we’d buy.

Link to electric i8 for sale here

Details & Specs:

Avigo BMW i8 Ride-On

Your child can drive in luxury with the Avigo BMW i8 Ride-On, which features two opening butterfly doors, working headlights and authentic horn and engine sounds for a realistic experience. The interior is packed with revolutionary, top-of-the-line features such as a working MP3 connector with speakers and a battery life indicator. The 2.5 mph forward and reverse options, along with the rubber traction strips, help ensure safe operation for your little driver’s first experience with a sports car.

Product Highlights

2.5 mph forward and reverse options provide a fun driving experience
Rubber traction strips for added stability
Two opening butterfly doors
Horn and engine sounds and working headlights for realistic play
Dashboard featuring an MP3 connector with speakers and battery life indicator
Cup holders keep a beverage within easy reach

Detailed video of pure electric i8 below:

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Finally! Something within my budget.


BMW is selling one of their plastic
“i series” cars for a price that is closer to what it costs them to make !

What is EPA range? 😉

I saw that on the shelf in Toys R Us a few months back. I wondered how fast it went.. Looks like it would be pretty fun to drive if you were 3 feet tall.

Nice to see an article on InsideEVs reminding us that there are types of EVs, like this one, which are not highway-capable EV passenger cars or motorcycles, nor EV racecars.


I too want to see tractors and lawnmowers and other useful EVs!

exclude the convertible part

Judging by how much that child reacting to the throttle, there’s quite a bit of torque on that thing! Lol