Pure Electric BMW 3 Series, X4 and Mini Claimed To Be In The Works


BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

MINI Rocketman BEV?

MINI Rocketman BEV?

BMW Group has been on-again, off-again when it comes to pure electric vehicles, but the latest intel seems to be that the automaker has flipped the switch back to the ON position.

As BMWBLOG reports:

“BMW apparently plans a new electric car strategy while also restructuring the Board of Management. According to German newspaper Handelsblatt, citing company’s sources, BMW boss Harald Krüger wants to offer offer a whole range of models of existing series also with an electric drive.”

“In addition to the fully electric “i3” models, which have been in production since 2013, BMW will also offer fully electric versions of the MINI, the BMW 3 series and the X4 SUV, which is built in the United States,” says the report. “The supervisory board is expected to approve the new electric models during a two-day meeting at the end of the month.”

That’s welcoming news as BMW, up until recently, had mostly backed down on any future plans for pure electric vehicles outside of the i3 and possibly a BEV version of the i8.

Of course, BMW Group likely wouldn’t have made this decision had it not been for recent electric car announcements from both Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Group. Those announcements include Volkswagen planning an eventual Model 3 competitor at a price point of around $25,000 and Mercedes-Benz planning to offer up to 9 BEVs in the semi-near future.

BMW was one of the early leaders in the electric car segment, but for a time the automaker seemingly had dialed back its efforts in the field.  Now, with announcements from competing brands, BMW is back in…it would seem.

Source: Autocar, BMWBLOG

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I want an electric Mini!

That would cool!

There was an electric Mini years ago with all four wheel motors, great performance.

Hopefully they include the X3 in their electrification plans since its the more practical version of the X4.

An X3 fully electric would be very nice.
I don’t know what the BMW X4 is, but it is not utility.

Chassis? Battery placment? Offering a BEV in every model is an almost impossible task. Better to design i-cars, to sell.

By 2018 the 3-series is supposed (the X4 is on a 3-series platform today) to be using the new CLAR platform.

If that platform is not prepared for BEVs too then BMW has made a major mistake.

So it’s not that hard to offer a BEV in every model if you have planned ahead.

Take Volvo for example that will have moved all models to the new SPA-platform and the CMA-platform by next year (or possible 2018). Platforms that are already prepared for electrification so that they could offer a BEV in every model if they want to or a PHEV-drivetrain paired with any engine option.

I’m extremely dubious about any claim for a platform which would work equally well for a gasmobile, a PHEV, and a BEV. A gasmobile typically has a heavy engine up front, and usually front wheel drive or AWD. Contrariwise, a properly designed BEV has a heavy battery pack under the floor of the car. That puts the center of gravity lower, and that heavy battery pack affects the handling of the car. It may also require heavier suspension, particularly on the rear wheels. A battery pack under the floor also raises the floor by a few inches; there would be no good reason for that in a gasmobile. So either the gasmobile has some empty space there (unlikely), or more likely the BEV has lower ground clearance than the gasmobile. No matter what the design team does, at best an attempt at an “everything in one package” design is going to be in some respects a poor compromise. The new car market is highly competitive. Offering cars designed like Swiss army knives — doing several things, but doing none of them very well — isn’t a very smart approach. Compelling BEVs and PHEVs are designed from the ground up. They’re… Read more »

This is business as usual for the design departament of car makers. They design a new platform and after completion somebody comes with new ideas and they fit everything in the platform.
That’s all because of the lack of vision in the upper management. They change orientation with the direction change of the wind.

It would be easy to utilise the space underneath the seats, in the centre tunnel, in the gas/diesel tank compartment, and maybe also even in parts of the engine compartment of an ICE car.

Has BMW really backed off on BEVs? Getting hype for a new car that is still over a year away from market has kind of passed since every company has been, OMG 500 MILES IN 2053!!

The smart manufacturers who already have EV and phev offerings on dealer lots keep their next gen offerings in super secret mode til launch time.

The players with nothing to sell currently eg VW , Jaguar, Etc. ,make promises of future products and fancy press release cars. ….. But no products.

What have they to lose? They hope you’ll wait and put off your car or EV purchase til thaey have time to catch up.
BMW is already ahead with the i brand and the iperformance line (soon to be expanded) of most all other traditional ice mfrs. I see them continuing to leverage their EV expertise and improving the EV range on the iperformance line. An all EV 3 series is a no brainier. They have a great chance now with a new platform that will be designed with a pure EV power train in mind.

VW nothing to sell? Their eGolf was Norway’s most sold car last year – overall – and the majority of their sales are BE OR PHEVs. VW’s Norwegian dealerships completely dominated by EVs. I understand this is not the situation in most locations, but let’s remember that these announcements speak to a global markets.

BMW has the most electified models of any brand, they have an entire plant dedicated to electric motor production and most models were released just this year.

I suspect once battery production can keep up, more models will be introduced.

I don’t see any proper BEV sedan in that list but only low range plug-in and a micro i3 ev especially conceived not to disturb the sales of their traditional 3 series. The i8 is a plug-in also conceived not to disturb the 3 series but this time by placing it in the extreme sport roadster segment. Again because it does not compete with their base business 3 series, 5 series cars. BMW doesn’t want to give you a fair choice between a petrol 3 series and a bev 3 series.

+1 Let’s hope the BMW C-Level exec meeting during the Paris show will change these plans and BMW will create an urgent mission for mainstream BEVs. The X4 isn’t it, at least not in the USA.

More German vaporware!

Better than US Spyware

Do you mean that there are concerns with all the information that a Model S is collecting about your ride, going, habits, localization and more? That can be a problem indeed especially since the car can go on autopilot as well. That is of course something an Apple iphone cannot do. Tesla said they use car data in an anonymized version only for further treatment but they obviously have access to the original identified data as well. It is also a question if the NSA or other organizations put pressure on them to reveal that information or worse push it up to a click kill on a person hey want death like a terrorist, Edward Snowden or even whoever disturb them. Apple was recently put under pressure to give access codes to an iphone but did not accept. The NSA nevertheless somehow found the code and had access. So we see that NSA or hackers or others can indeed find access. With a phone the data in access but with a car they can hurt you directly. A controlled car could drive you off cliff against a three or to the US embassy in case of Snowden. Tesla likely won’t… Read more »

Ooookay then!?


like always from them

Could be good for Tesla when the M4 BMW lovers want to cross shop the BMW EV offerings. This is a Win-Win senenario.

This would be a huge development. I believe most car makers will go down the hybrid route short term but with infrastructure the logical step is to go full electrical.

It seems nobody heard BMW’s CEO and other top executives state they would not be planning an i5 or i6 for the future. They said i3 was a response to European and N. American mandates on zero emission zones and fleet mpg requirements. It’s that simple. This new buzz is akin to gossip until we actually see something out there in the wild with a plug port testing on public roads. I would think BMW, VW Group and others would have skunkworks programs out there ready to spring if Tesla actually gains big market share. Like GM, the big Euro companies and those from S. Korea and Japan can put together a BEV rather quickly in comparison to tiny Tesla. They have the resources, engineers and connections to mount an EV program in short order if they have to. Surely if one ( say Mercedes in this example ) jumps out ahead with a couple new 200 mile BEVs – their competitors must follow suit. And then it is “game on”! Yet that is still a bit “but”… They all know that once they start ordering batteries and spending in such a big way, they cannot turn back. That marks… Read more »