Save On Chevy Bolt, Volt: GM Launches Assistance For Storm Victims

Chevy Volts on a dealer's lot (via Jeff K)


General Motors announces initiatives to assist with vehicle repair and replacement for those impacted by Hurricane Florence

For those impacted by the recent hurricane, residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia are eligible for assistance programs.

These programs will apply to any Chevy Bolt EV, Chevy Volt, or Cadillac CT6 PHEV in addition to the rest of GMs lineup. During and following the storm, OnStar was activated on all OnStar equipped vehicles at no charge. This provides emergency services, route assistance, survival resources and free wi-fi and calling minutes.

GM and ACDelco will also expedite parts to the region for the next several months. This should help speed up repair work on existing GM vehicles caught in the storm.

Now that people are surveying the damage, purchase incentives are also available. For those with existing vehicles significantly damaged or totaled during the storm, a replacement vehicle may be necessary. So if you have been considering a switch to a Chevy Bolt or Volt and live in the above areas, be sure to capitalize on the discounts.

GM Financial will be “waiving most related fees” and offering up to a 90-day deferred first payment. A $1,000 purchasing incentive and a $500 lease allowance are also available. The offers are in effect until the end of October and available to those that “present an insurance claim form indicating their vehicle was damaged as a result of Hurricane Florence”.

Chevy Bolt EV

From General Motors:

OnStar is providing complimentary Crisis Assist to customers with properly equipped vehicles in affected areas, which can include emergency services, routing assistance, survival resource information, Hands-Free Calling minutes and 4G LTE Wi-Fi data through AT&T.

GM Financial is assisting impacted customers with payment arrangements and waiving most related fees. Eligible customers who are replacing a vehicle may qualify for a 90-day deferred first payment.

GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco will expedite service parts to the region to help speed vehicle repairs.

New and used vehicle inventory will be sent to the region to help meet expected replacement demand, including demand for pre-owned vehicles, courtesy transportation and insurance rentals.

Customers replacing storm-damaged vehicles in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia are eligible for $1,000 in purchase assistance for nearly all 2018 and 2019 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles, on top of other eligible incentives, including special discounts for military families and first responders. Lease customers are eligible for a $500 lease allowance, in addition to other eligible incentives.

Source: General Motors

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Tesla Copy Cat Imitators . But Never Innovators !

GM and Tesla have both been huge innovators in the plug-in market. I’d say they’re both among the most important leaders and innovators along with Nissan.

Tesla is obviously the first automaker to build a single model at such a large scale. And the Tesla price premium nets you a vehicle that looks better and has longer range.

Tesla is doing more than anyone to accelerate this transition.

But to ignore the accomplishments of other automakers is to re-write history. 🙂

All the Others Except Maybe*NISSAN Are all Building Compliance Cars “For Carbon Credits Only” & “N0 0THER REASON” They would’ve Killed the EV Long ago Before Inception , If They Could Have . They Been Fighting to STOP Tesla Sales Tooth & Nail In Every Possible , To save their Precious ICE .

This is true. Big oil is in the big boys pockets.

So GM does a nice thing for storm victims and they are evil?

The Phony Back Stabbers at GM do a Phony Nice thing to show that they too are trying to Help & “Pretend” They’re Not Evil…& Then They Lobby against Tesla & Fight Against Tesla & Support/Pay Politicians to STOP Tesla From Selling Electric Cars …

Get some fiber in your diet.

If it only was that easy…

Can’t see GM ever doing this for any of their customers outside of the USA.

Look At That Gap on that Driver’s Door ! …

It isn’t closed all the way… Honestly, my Volt had better panel gaps than my Clarity.

the Color On the rear Bumper Cover Is “Darker” than the Rest of the Car & it’s Not The Light..

neither is the rooftop spoiler the same color temperature as the rest. who knows. it’s just a stock dealership picture.