Public Service of New Hampshire Launches 855-INFO4EV Call In Hotline


PSNH Headqaurters

PSNH Headquarters

Education is key to EV adoption, right?

If that’s true (and we believe it is), then we applaud the efforts of New Hampshire utility company Public Service of New Hampshire (the state’s largest electricity utility) who is asking its customers to call before plugging in.

Call In Hotline For EVs

Call In Hotline For EVs

Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has established an EV hotline phone number to act as an easily accessible resource for information pertaining to electric vehicles.

PSNH  says that any of its customers can call in to speak with experts on the topics of electric vehicle technology, impact on the grid, charging costs and so on (payment options, proper placement of charging equipment, referrals to other companies for additional information).

Penni Conner, senior vice president and chief customer officer at Northeast Utilities (parent company of Public Service of New Hampshire) stated:

“We’re excited about the launch of our new electric vehicle information hotline to offer customers expert service, information and guidance about electric vehicles and vehicle charging options. PSNH is providing a single point of contact for our customers and communities, making it easy for them to find the answers they need to make informed decisions about electric vehicles.”

The hotline, which is there for all PSNH customers is 855-INFO4EV (855-463-6438).

We believe a hotline similar to this should be put in place by all US’ utility companies.  Perhaps government should step in and force it to be done.


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Way to go, New Hampshire! For once, you did something worthy of the news!

Not privy to any conversations with potential customers, but I would bet PHNH says to just use your 120 volt plug in your garage. For a lot of people that’s fine.

I’m currently recharging my Tesla at 30 amps 230 volts and my Volt at 120 volts 8 amps.