*UPDATE: Public Fast Charger For All – Tesla, CCS, CHAdeMO – Video

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Gunzgen Süd in Switzerland is possibly the only place in Europe where you can find a non-Tesla DC fast charger that uses a Type 2 plug for DC charging – like the Superchargers.

Type 2 DC charger – almost like Tesla Supercharger

The multi-standard chargers usually are equipped with DC CHAdeMO and CCS Combo plugs as well as AC Type 2, but the standard includes the possibility of DC charging. That option didn’t make it into the mainstream market, beyond research and some internal-pilot projects.

Only Tesla decided to incorporate the Type 2 standard for both 3-phase AC and DC charging. Tesla’s DC Type 2 charging was used on Superchargers in Europe, and later worldwide (besides in North America and a few other places).

Anyways, this very special charger can charge Teslas directly by DC, without any adapter, (*UPDATE) but Tesla does not approve of this. Tesla issued this statement on the matter (via Electrek):

“Despite repeated discussion and warnings, EVTEC continues to use a damaged and dismantled Tesla DC adapter for a charging service they promote. The misuse of our logo and reference to Supercharging is misleading the public and implies Tesla supports these chargers. In fact, Tesla had no involvement in the development of this charging system and has not tested or authorized its safety for use with Tesla vehicles.”

The drawback of the system is that the charging power is only up to around 45 kW, as seen in the video from user Starlight Tesla.

Here we present the Type 2 charging options we covered some four years ago in 2013.

Mennekes charging port specification

Tesla Model S charging inlet and plug in Europe

Source: Electrek

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Interesting… Of course, they aren’t using the proprietary Tesla socket since European Teslas have a more standard socket. Any of these installed in the USA would ned that.

Clearly this charger operator and the video producer should not have used “Supercharger” to refer to this setup. They have simply taken apart a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter and wired it internal to the charger. You can clearly see the 125 amp limit of Tesla’s adapter in the performance of the station. The only thing this station accomplishes is allowing Tesla drivers to get CHAdeMO charging speeds without bringing their own CHAdeMO adapter. Normally Tesla vehicles are limited by their on-board charger at this type of station if they don’t bring a CHAdeMO adapter. The European Tesla cars have either 11kW, 16kW, or 22kW on-board charging ability depending on the option level and age of their car. Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter allows up to 46kW DC charging with current cars.

Yeah it’s a bit misleading to say it is a supercharger. DC type 2 is closer to a generic name, although I don’t think this actually is that if it is true that all they did was wire up a
Tesla CHAdeMO adapter.

I haven‘t been there yet (you have 2 big Tesla Superchargers right few Km away….), and I find it useless. Why the hell would someone charge on a slower rate and additionally pay for it?!
With regards to the cable and connector, I think they used a Wall Charger one, will check next week.

Actually, Tesla’s superchargers use a *modified* version of the Type 2 connector. Type 2 does have provisions for DC charging, but the maximum current is much lower than Tesla needed, and Tesla therefore decided to use meatier pins.

Presumably this provider is also using a modified plug, even though it doesn’t provide the full power of Tesla’s superchargers. It would after all be pretty pointless to offer this plug to anyone *but* Tesla drivers, since, as the article correctly points out, nobody else has actually used Type 2 for DC charging…