PSA’s DS E-Tense Electric Supercar Inches Closer To Production

JAN 22 2017 BY MARK KANE 7

The DS E-TENSE concept, which debuted last year from the Geneva Motor Show, is potentially heading ever closer towards production.



As it turns out, the PSA Group (parent company to Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands) has now filed a trademark for the E-Tense name.

According to Autocar, the DS E-TENSE could reach production after new conventional SUV (which by the way hasn’t had its trademark secured yet).

“The luxury arm of PSA Group – also parent company to Peugeot and Citroën – has been toying with the idea of its own supercar as a halo model since the car’s warm reception in Geneva, in addition to a new SUV.

Unusually, however, a trademark for the SUV hasn’t yet been filed, despite the model being expected to make production before the supercar.

We won’t be seeing the E-Tense in production form until after 2018 when the SUV is due to go on sale, and it could come as late as 2021, with all-wheel drive and a 402bhp electric powertrain.”

The concept was also shown at the streets and on the track.

DS E-TENSE in Geneva

DS E-TENSE in Geneva

Quick spec:

  • 402hp (around 300 kW) and 516 Nm of torque
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) comes up in 4.5 seconds
  • an expected 310 km (193 miles) mixed cycle range (360 km or 224 miles range in an urban cycle)
DS E-TENSE offering ~200 miles/300 km of all-electric driving

DS E-TENSE offering ~200 miles/300 km of all-electric driving

source: Autocar

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7 Comments on "PSA’s DS E-Tense Electric Supercar Inches Closer To Production"

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So it’s a supercar, but it’s much slower than a tesla model S??? So new definition of supercar is it just looks fast?

Well maybe it can do more than 400 meters in a straight line

The concept car was using a 53kWh battery. If the cells in the battery pack was a 270Wh/l, the battery pack embark ~200 liters of cells.
Now LG Chem have 350Wh/l cells, the production car can embarck ~70kWh. If LG Chem and Samsung can produce a 450Wh/l cell, the futur battery pack culd be 80 to 90kWh, if the car arrive after 2020.
I know, I’m a dreamer.

Specs put it in the Bolt or T-3 area. Nice but not a super car. I’ve heard the next Leaf/Zeos will be in this area too. How much? $35K US would be nice.

They should make a plain humdrum minivan, like an EV VW Combi. Might not be glamorous but would be practical and sell.

There will need to be a new definition of what makes a Super Car, performance alone is no longer any good, thanks to Tesla.

Maybe these cars will need active suspension, independent motors per wheel, torque vectoring, high tech tools that differentiate from a family saloon (at least for the moment).

And then it will just come down to looks, because let’s face it, any EV will be able to give you some performance.

I wish the would make a new retro floaty, comfy, saloon like the 60s original but with all new electric rather than hydraulic tech.