PSA To Establish Separate Business Unit For Electric Cars

JUN 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

PSA Group announced a new Low Emission Vehicles Business Unit as a step towards electrification.

The French manufacturer of Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel/Vauxhall brands, intends to offer electrified versions (electric, plug-in or conventional hybrid) of all its cars by 2025.

The first in-house all-electric model will be launched in 2019. Since GM’s Opel Ampera-e introduction didn’t work out too well, PSA needs BEVs as quickly as possible.

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Because the scale of electrification, new Business Unit will be responsible to achieve profitable growth and contribution to PSA’s CO2 objectives.

Peugeot 508

“To respond to the challenges of the energy transition and to build an efficient and coherent offering of electric mobility solutions, Groupe PSA is creating a Business Unit dedicated to electric vehicles, effective 1 April.
The new BU will have a global scope and will leverage all factors necessary to deliver models that meet customer expectations, in line with the highest service standards. The BU will be responsible for defining and deploying the Group’s electric vehicle strategy and rolling out the related products and services.

Groupe PSA aims to offer a differentiated customer experience that creates value and fosters ties with the Group, its five car brands, Peugeot, Citroën, DS and Opel/Vauxhall, and its Free2move mobility brand.
Alexandre Guignard, is appointed Senior Vice President of the BU, responsible for the profitable development of these operations, in all regions concerned, and will lead initiatives to help meet the Group’s CO2 targets, in compliance with the 2020 and subsequent European standards for CO2 emissions.”

Linda Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Citroën, to whom the BU will report, said:

“The energy transition is an opportunity that our company has seized by launching an unprecedented technological offensive made possible by our multi-energy platforms. The challenge for this Business Unit, which benefits from an experience built up over several years within the Group, will be to provide the best vehicles at the best time to satisfy our customers and thereby ensure the best economic conditions for launching Groupe PSA’s electric vehicles into the market.”

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„Since GM’s Opel Ampera-e introduction didn’t work out too well, PSA needs BEVs as quickly as possible.“

I‘d say those upcoming EVs are the reason why the Ampera-e launch didn’t work too well.

Wrong. The Opel Ampera e didn’t work out because GM refuses to sell it to PSA at a loss. Once both GM and PSA make their profits, the Ampera e is just too expensive, so no one will buy them. The sale of Opel to PSA rendered the Ampera e DOA just due to practical economics, NOT lack of demand for the product at it’s original, GM based pricing. Many Europeans would love to have the Ampera e, but it is not to be.

Oh no he said „wrong“ now my argument has been defeated!

Try finding an Anpera-e in Germany at any price… PSA just doesn’t want to sell a GM car and GM doesn’t want to give PSA an EV for cheap, for only a very limited amount of time.

GM extra production capacity for 2 years would have been stupid, financially. And PSA selling the eCorsa on the same lot as it’s direct competitor just isn’t a good business decision, either.

Can InsideEVs do a story on how many Ampera-e cars have made it to Europe?

Would be interesting. This website reports EU sales, but the Anpera-e doesn’t make the top 20 apparently.

It still blows me away that GM abandoned the worlds’ largest Western auto market even though it has the EV tech in Voltec and Bolt and now concentrates on selling more gas-guzzling trucks/suvs in the US.