Protonic Blue Vanishes From BMW i8 Color Chart As CrossFade Debuts For i8 & i3


Protonic Blue BMW i8

Protonic Blue BMW i8

One of the stadnout colors available on the BMW i8 had been Protonic Blue. This highly popular color choice is now apparently gone from the color selection chart.

As BMW BLOG reports:

“Protonic Blue is, for now, removed from the online configurator. The eye-catching blue was the launch color for the i8 at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2013 and has been one of fans’ favorites paint jobs for the progressive hybrid.”

Why eliminate Protonic Blue? BMW never issued an official word on the matter, but the automaker did debut a new color for both the i3 and i8 at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, so perhaps Protonic Blue was dropped as a way to make room for this new Crossfade color?

Check out the new Crossfade on both the i3 and i8 below (BMW says that these will become official color offerings starting sometime in 2017):

BMW i8 Crossfade

BMW i8 Crossfade

BMW i3 Crossfade

BMW i3 Crossfade



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I just ordered a 2017 fluid black i3 (Terra/BEV). Wish cross fade was available when I ordered. I think the i3 shape welcomes graphics to make it look better. Impressive paintwork if its not just stickers. Wonder what the cost is.

Whether it’s paint or a vinyl wrap, repair would be expensive, especially if it’s paint!

Since they currently are inexpensive modular plastic panels, it would be nice if they sold them pre-painted.

I actually never understood why that isn’t an option for all cars for things like bumpers, quarter panels, etc..


I actually never understood why a bumper needs any colour at all…


Sorry guys, my mistake… I usually don’t read too much about colouring options…

All cars should be green!

Primarily because after even as short as a few months, paints fade and change color noticeably. Replacement parts would never match, so why bother with the additional inventory headaches of stocking ten or more different versions of the same parts? A thousand percent higher inventory carrying costs, for what gain?

Farewell Protonic Blue, we hardly knew ye.

If BMW would made that entire Car Fade Away ,it would be one of the best things that could happen. It is as FUGLY as it is USELESS..As it is Dangerous..How did it pass safety requirements to allow that on the roads????