Proterra To Power North America’s First Electric Double Deck Buses

JUL 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

The all-electric double decker bus – first in North America – is coming to downtown Los Angeles as Foothill Transit orders Alexander Dennis Enviro500 powered by Proterra battery.

The Enviro500 will get Proterra heavy-duty E2 battery that offers energy density of 157 Wh/kg and 260 Wh/L on the pack-level, as well as charging hardware and battery thermal management.

Proterra once achieved 1,101.2 miles on a single charge using a 660 kWh battery, which means that double decker will have plenty of juice. The first bus will enter service in 2019.

In UK, Alexander Dennis is producing standard and double decker electric buses in partnership with BYD.

Proterra Catalyst E2

“Alexander Dennis is the world’s largest double deck bus manufacturer, with a history and heritage of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence that spans more than a century. Drawing on its extensive global experience, ADI has tailored its modular bus design to suit metropolitan and regional needs across continents. Proterra® E2 battery packs will compliment ADI’s next-generation Enviro500 platform, building upon its earlier product platform success. Designed from the ground-up with an emphasis on safety, durability and performance, Proterra E2 battery packs represent the heavy-duty industry’s highest pack-level energy density at 157 Wh/kg and 260 Wh/L. In addition to Proterra E2 batteries, Alexander Dennis Enviro500 vehicles will be equipped with Proterra charging hardware and battery thermal management to ensure optimal vehicle performance.”

“The Alexander Dennis Enviro500 bus will provide Foothill Transit riders with an enhanced first-in-class experience, equipped with Wi-Fi, storage capacity and other amenities that create a comfortable and accessible commuter experience along Foothill’s popular Silver Line route. As urbanization increases across California, Foothill Transit aims to attract new riders by being the first agency in North America to pioneer this state-of-the-art electric double deck bus technology. It also brings the agency closer to its goal of transitioning to a 100 percent electric fleet by 2030.”

Robert Davey, President at Alexander Dennis Inc. said:

“We’re seeing increasing global demand for electric buses that combine high passenger capacity and comfort. With congestion and local air quality challenges remaining top of every transit authorities’ agenda, we’re excited to raise the bar in Los Angeles County with transit pioneer, Foothill Transit, and heavy-duty electric vehicle technology innovator, Proterra.”

Doran Barnes, Executive Director at Foothill Transit said:

“The Alexander Dennis design and ride quality thoroughly impressed our most discerning customers during an extended demo through downtown Los Angeles last year. As congestion intensifies across Southern California, every inch of road space matters, so increasing passenger occupancy while maintaining comfort and a singular bus footprint is a public transit solution we’re really excited to introduce.”

Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra said:

“It seems fitting that Foothill Transit will pioneer this next phase of the sustainable transit revolution. As electric mobility continues to evolve, we’re pleased our battery technology has been chosen by world class, heavy-duty manufacturers like Alexander Dennis in their pursuit to go electric in North America. The opportunities to electrify medium- and heavy-duty platforms with our technology, from transit vehicles to trucks and school buses, are abundant.”

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You are correct, Canada is one of the 23 countries in North America.

Please name the other 22…in North America.

Well, the cited press release only claims it’s the first public transport agency in North America introducing electric double-decker buses — which is technically correct, since the Canadian example is privately operated, not a public transport agency…

Actually, the press release doesn’t say what you think it does.

Thanks for telling me I’m wrong while providing zero clarification.

Interesting though. Greenpower Bus is a Canadian company that manufactures in California. There is another electric bus company, Lion Motors in Quebec.

Electric buses are so much more comfortable than diesel buses. All they need to fit now is a body odour extractor and bus travel really will be more attractive as a means of transport.

Great to see news like this with Proterra playing a huge role.
Not so great to see a professional presentation that says the pack will “compliment” the platform.

Buses in the States appear prehistoric relative to buses in Europe for example. That sideview mirror looks rather primitive and the wheels should be flush with the body to reduce air drag. What’s up with the chrome railings at the front of the upper deck? The 1960’s called and they want them back! 🙂

It is a British built bus with American battery pack.

You’re right, my comment was ignorant, stupid, and pointless.

That would make an excellent RV.

Actually, I would prefer a series hybrid with multiple small generators for an RV. Lot of electricity gets used in oven, fridge, hvac, etc.

You could power all of that stuff for weeks with 660 kWh.