Proterra Shows Battery Pack Replace Operation – Video


Proterra Electric Bus

Proterra Electric Bus

Here is short video released by electric bus manufacturer Proterra, that shows how to replace a TerraPack battery.

Such battery packs are used in the latest Proterra Catalyst buses.

It seems similar to the procedure for electric car battery replacement, but there are many sections to replace since buses need larger packs.

Dividing the pack into sections makes for easier servicing.

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4 responses to "Proterra Shows Battery Pack Replace Operation – Video"
  1. GeorgeS says:

    If they used LG chem cells they would not need to replace them 🙂

  2. sven says:

    Here’s a pic showing that the Proterra uses eight battery packs and their placement under the bus.

  3. floydboy says:

    Would be nicer if it was a hot swappable system.

  4. Joel says:

    There is a HVIL circuit that runs through the the battery packs, so hot swap is not possible. Also, its inherently not safe and would serve little purpose in mass transit.

    LG Chem are cool, but only if you live in the stone-ages and can’t charge in <10 mins 🙂