Proterra EV Buses Reaches 1,000,000th Mile in Revenue Service


Proterra EV Bus With Electrifying Appearance

Proterra EV Bus With Electrifying Appearance

Proterra announced a milestone of 1,000,000 miles in revenue service for its all-electric buses used by:

  • Foothill Transit (Pomona, Calif.)
  • WRTA (Worcester, Mass.)
  • the City of Seneca, S.C./Clemson Area Transit,
  • RTC Washoe (Reno, Nev.),
  • TARC (Louisville, Ky.),
  • VIA Metropolitan Transit (San Antonio, Texas),
  • San Joaquin RTD (Stockton, Calif.)
  • StarMetro (Tallahassee, Fla.).


“North America’s leading manufacturer of zero-emissions battery-electric buses, Proterra Inc., recently congratulated its customers on achieving a major milestone for the EV industry: logging one million miles in revenue service. The company celebrated this achievement with an event at its plant in Greenville, S.C. honoring its transit agency partners for their leadership as EV pioneers.

Proterra presented each transit agency with an award recognizing them as one of the early pioneers in EV bus technology adoption and honoring their role in building the future of mass transit and sustainable urban mobility.”

“By combining performance, efficiency and flexibility, Proterra buses offer the lowest per passenger cost and environmental impact of any transit bus technology—electric, diesel, hybrid or natural gas. Proterra has now received orders from 14 different transit agencies in cities across North America. Over the course of their 1,000,000 miles in service, Proterra customers have saved nearly 250,000 gallons of fossil fuel and have eliminated nearly 3.5 million pounds of emissions from being released into the environment.”

Ryan Popple, President & Chief Executive Officer said:

“Reaching our 1,000,000th mile in revenue service is a significant milestone, not just for Proterra, but for the entire transit industry. Along with our forward-thinking and highly valued transit agency partners, we can offer the world a million proof points to bolster the fact that electric vehicles not only offer great performance, but represent the best total cost of ownership and environmental option for transit agencies.”

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does anyone know how much one of these buses or a BYD bus cost?

“The base price of a Proterra has fallen to $825,000, from about $1 million a few years ago”


“Now it’s $800,000 (and the new bus is bigger than the old one)”


They should think about the possibility of building electric powered RV’s considering that RV’s use a lot of fuel and only get five miles a gallon. Also you can recharge a RV by using the RV’s power hook up’s at the camp.

Also while in a Alaska I was at this one campsite and there were dozen of gas powered RV’s the place was very noisy from all the engines running and it smelled like a parking lot.

Great news! Thanks for the article!

I find mass transit EV news more important than passenger vehicles since EVs are more ready for that segment and introduce EVs to a much larger population.