Proterra Electric Bus – How Does it Charge? (Video)


If you ever wondered how these EcoRide BE35 electric buses connect to quick charging, here is video of the process taking place.

According to Proterra “The EcoRide is the world’s first battery electric bus with fast charge enabled infinite range,” which actually means that it’s able recharge in approximately 10 minutes and then drive for 2-3 hours before needing more electrons.

How’s that possible?  Watch the video and you’ll see how it all works.

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I love that bus but it comes w/ a pretty hefty price tag.
Maybe protera would be a good customer for the giga battery plant!!

That was a lovely vid there. But honestly, referring to GeorgeS’s comment, how expensive are they really? Especially compared to BYD’s electric buses or the guys who convert old buses who were guests on Jay Leno’s garage show on YouTube.
Surely, a roof mounted conductor and a stationary conductor isn’t that drastically much.

I read it somewhere that it cost $1 million apiece, significantly more than the BYD’s version

Awesome vid! Awesome concept!

Prices will likely come down as they transition to higher volume.

But even now it seems there’s a positive ROI there vs. diesel within a 5-8 years (counting both fuel and maintenance costs).

It makes a lot of sense, who has not seen buses waiting on stop to even out their schedule. Its just the cost preventing this from becoming universal.

Looks like wireless charging done right. The inefficiency is a matter if physics caused by the distance between the two coils. If you get them close or in contact, efficiency goes up dramatically so that it can be close to the efficiency of plugging in.