Proterra Chosen To Deliver 35 Catalyst Electric Buses To Eight Transit Agencies

OCT 17 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Eight new and existing Proterra customers have won Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment Grants to buy electric buses – good news for the US based eBus maker!

Proterra Catalyst

Proterra Catalyst

With $22.8 million from the 2016 Low-No grants program, transit agencies in the US intend to order a total of 35 Proterra Catalysts.

Proterra boasts that has more battery-electric buses on the road today in North America than any other manufacturer and total orders stands at 287 vehicles from 38 cities.

The current batch of new orders consist of 35’ and 40’ Catalyst in FC (short range/fast charge) and XR (long-range) versions:

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) purchase was described in details:

“For Low-No grant recipients like Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), this represents a new era of mobility as the Silicon Valley’s transit agency expects to roll out five 40’ Catalyst XR buses as a pilot program to support their innovation strategy, which aims to improve the transit customer experience, offer better transportation choices, and optimize VTA vehicles, roadways and other mobility infrastructure. VTA serves nearly two million residents with an average weekday ridership of 104,583, and is incubating a number of technologies to optimize the transit customer experience.”

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority General Manager and CEO Nuria Fernandez said:

“As the transit agency serving Silicon Valley, the most emblematic innovation hub in the world, it is our role to provide our communities with the most forward-thinking mobility solutions on the market. Integrating Proterra’s zero emission buses into our system is a top priority as we continue to redefine our transit systems. We’re pleased to embark on this partnership with Proterra, as the company helps us achieve our innovation and sustainability goals.”

Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra said:

“For so long transit agencies had little choice when it came to mass transit solutions, so we take great pride in in the fact that we are enabling the national shift from fossil fuel to electric. This additional wave of orders underscores our nation’s commitment to democratize and decarbonize transit, which is a key enabler of prosperity, job security and improved air quality.”

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Ahhh, the day you can walk down the street and not have to breath diesel bus stink.

No doubt 🙂

meanwhile in China BYD are delivering more than this a week. Proterra are doing a great job but we are going to wake up in 5 years to see very bus is made in China or at the very least every bus drive train. Not such a disaster for the Chinese but why isn’t the rest of the world starting to switch its bus fleet now rather than waiting to import BYD buses in a few years time.

Yes. BYD is now in Canada

Cool. The high powered charger charges them back from 10%-90% in 5 minutes.

Can someone honestly show me why Proterra has not looked into Double Deckers. They’re a leading innovator here and only satisfy low-capacity solutions. Like, country-side routes.

Coaches are so useless in cities (form a Dublin perspective), just ~40 passengers max on a good day while swinging about taking up all the space. Buses are tolerable when you know the one blocking you holds at least 70 people on a normal day.
If they just showed some interest, European orders would start to flow in.

Ah so, maybe Proterra themselves can also properly introduce double deckers in the states.

Why did they have to make it so hideous with those 1970’s style bumpers??

Probably because it’s the only one approved.

Hideous? I think they look fine. Although, where do you put the bicycles?

MXWL makes supercapacitors for Chinese Bus Manufacturers. Does anyone know if all these buses are using supercaps?

The article states: “Proterra boasts that has more battery-electric buses on the road today in North America than any other manufacturer”

Proterra always gives selective bits of statistics to make them look like an electric bus leader when in fact, they are way behind.

Proterra’s Total LIFETIME sales: including 2015: 120 (according to their website).
BYD total sales for a single year(2015) in the USA: 200.

Current Worldwide:
Proterra’s total bus sales/orders: 400
BYD’s total bus sales/orders: 19,000.