Proterra Announces Largest-Ever U.S. Order For Electric Buses


Proterra EcoRide Bus Under Quick Charger

Prototype Proterra EcoRide Bus Under Quick Charger

After announcing a significant expansion of production capacity, Proterra reveals that it has received its largest-ever U.S. order for electric buses.

12 quick-charging EcoRide BE35s will go to current Proterra customer Foothill Transit, as an addition to the few buses that it’s been running from 2011:

“In 2011, Foothill Transit became the first transit agency in the United States to use on-route charge electric buses by purchasing and operating Proterra buses. Based on strong performance and return on investment of those vehicles, the agency has decided to purchase an additional 12 buses from Proterra to completely electrify its 291 route, which travels between LaVerne and Pomona.”

And because Foothill Transit has a 314-bus fleet, this latest purchase means it will have at least a few percent of its fleet totally electrified.

Garrett Mikita, president and chief executive officer, Proterra Inc. stated:

“The Foothill Transit order is a clear vote of confidence and confirmation that Proterra buses truly deliver the lowest total cost of ownership and smallest carbon footprint of any transit bus on the market. Foothill Transit was our first customer and the first U.S. transit agency to go electric with on-route charging, so we are thrilled that they have seen the value of expanding their electric fleet and will use Proterra buses to do so.”

Earlier, StarMetro of Tallahassee purchased an additional three EV buses from Proterra, increasing their EV fleet size to five, and the Worcester Regional Transit Authority in Massachusetts doubled its initial three bus order to six.

This new wave of orders is the true reason for Proterra doubling its production workforce, installing a second production line, adding a second shift and growing its sales staff significantly.

Here is a preview video of the new Foothill Transit Ecoliner electric bus, debuting in 2010:

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Outstanding! I love the concept. This market should be interesting to watch as it develops.

Good news! I used to work in an air-pollution project that estimated traffic pollution in 6 major US cities. The Pomona area is among the most polluted in the LA basin, which is tied with Manhattan for most polluted metro region in the cities we’ve looked at.

What is the single-charge range of these buses, and what time of quick-charging do they use?

Proterra simply states “30+ miles per charge”

Their quick-charge solution is quite remarkable though: automated, 0 to 95% in 6 minutes.

Almost as fast as battery swapping if one needs a full charge, but quicker if only a partial boost will do. Neat.

I think 30 miles is about right. They didn’t put a big battery in it like BYD because they plan on charging it every bus stop, or close to every stop.

12 buses! I didn’t see them on the Cole report. lol All kidding aside, just one more great EV app.

“I don’t want to cause no fuss, but can I buy your Magic Bus” Pete T