Here’s How To Protect Your Tesla From Hail


Can you protect your Tesla from hail?

You may know YouTuber DAErik (Erik Strait), from his recent attempt to beat the Tesla Model S hypermile record in a Tesla Model 3. He teamed up with Sean Mitchell for the occasion. They pulled off quite a feat, but unfortunately, didn’t beat the record. Erik is also the guy with a Tesla showroom and homemade Supercharger in his garage. In addition, he provides informative videos that show off Tesla vehicle features in a fun, comedic light.

In this “episode,” Erik and his friend David demonstrate a product that may be able to protect your Tesla (or any car) from hail damage. It’s called the Lanmodo Car Tent. Erik explains that a recent hailstorm in Colorado dinged up his Tesla Model S, so he searched for a solution.

In order to test the tent, the guys dump large ice balls off the roof of a house toward the car. They obviously trust the tent to some extent, since these heavy, 2-inch balls of ice will easily cause a good amount of damage if the tent isn’t doing its job.

The tent works well, however, you have to make sure that it’s long enough to cover your whole car. Also, hail doesn’t necessarily fall straight down, so there is a chance that some hail could still hit the sides of the vehicle. Nonetheless, if you have concerns about anything falling from the sky (pine cones, sticks, small tree limbs, birds, bird droppings, meatballs) and messing up your vehicle, it’s pretty clear that you’ll be much better off with a cover like this than without.

You can get the tent on Amazon starting at around $300.

Video via DAErik on YouTube

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I’d like to see a video of that tent in a hail storm. Are they forgetting the wind?

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

Aluminum sheet metal and hail storms, that produce horizontal hail, the size of a Golf Ball, are no match for any “Tentsla” parked out in the elements.

Silly idiots. Having hail damage on a car is actually great. It is often a total loss so the insurance company pays for the car.

And when it’s not a total loss, like also happens often, you also often get to wait months before your car can be repaired. due to the number of vehicles in the area that were damaged and need repair. I’m going through this now.

Don’t repair it. Take the money.

And drive a car around with hail damage? No thanks

So what?

Even better are the “hail sales” on new cars which happened on a regular basis when I lived in South Dakota. I bought a Mazda pickup for a song after one of those sales and by the time I traded it back, the summer sun heating up the metal had caused most of the dents to pop back out. I traded it back in at the same dealer I bought it from and ended up with $0 depreciation.

Or… park in that garage. It’s fascinating to me that so many people who have a garage still park outside. It’s because they are hoarders and keep all their unused junk in the garage.

For those who don’t have a garage, I could see this being potentially useful though.

A garage is just a loophole in the building code for getting more space at minimal cost. You need at least a two car garage to build a serious home shop.

All our hail incidents happened at work. Surprising little covered parking in the Denver metro area.

Far cheaper is buy a small storage shed and then use your garage for the car(s).

Has no one ever seen Mythbusters? If you did, then you’d know golf ball dimples actually make the car more aerodynamically efficient. First thing I’m doing when I pick up my Model 3 is stormchasing hail.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

ROTFLMAO……..thanks for the laugh this morning!!!!

I agree, they (Tesla) should release the first Dimpled car using a TM3 LR and have the EPA test it and let’s see if the range improves.

How can one argue with such brilliant reasoning as that? 😀

Usually hail storms are accompanied by strong winds…what’s to keep the umbrella from floating away?

There was a guy pitching blow up hail protection for cars on Shark Tank a few years ago. They apparently wrap around the car and then fill with air to make a bouncy castle for hail out of your car. I think it was this product:

I have no idea if it would work any better. no affiliation, etc etc.

I suppose it would be snarky to suggest that it could hardly work any worse, given the high winds which often accompany a hailstorm…

We don’t begrudge anyone inventing a product, but the Lanmodo product is concerning to us. The sailing affect of winds on that product could if not will cause damage to your car even without hail. Lanmodo was designed and tested in China. The Hail Protector System was designed and developed in Texas over a four year period prior to launch to market five years ago. Assembled in Texas too. The Hail Protector System installs so that wind doesn’t get under the device. It shows a very aerodynamic profile. It stops Any Size Hail and is in use by thousands across 39 states, 10 countries and 4 continents in our first few years and growing fast. Let’s see if Lanmodo can do this:

After 19 years in Denver and multiple large hail incidents on EVERY new car we bought, we finally figured out how to protect our cars from hail. And it’s 100% effective. No hail damage in 12 years now.

We moved back to California…..

Because tossing ice balls off your roof 10′ up is EXACTLY like hail falling from miles up in the sky….. sheesh.

Amazon sells something called the iCuby (from a Chinese manufacturer) which is an accordion fold half-cylinder design made of heavy-duty fabric and powder-coated pipe. Their largest version fits a Model S just fine. Might fit a Model X, but I’ve not verified that. $800. Great protection, includes ground anchors.

Tents are following Tesla everywhere these days.

Are garages no longer “a thing” in Colorado?

Most people I know use that sort of thing to protect their car from weather events including hail. 😉

Didn’t you get the memo? Garages are to be packed with junk, no room for cars in there. I guess protecting your junk is more important than protecting your car.