UPDATED PRESS RELEASE: Project Loveday Needs Your Support

AUG 10 2018 BY STAFF 11


Detroit, Michigan – July 30, 2018

The team at Project Loveday, the climate activism initiative spearheaded by 10-year old Bria Loveday, is pleased to announce they’re launching a new campaign that will encourage people to purchase electric cars and solar roofs.

***UPDATE: We launched the new Project Loveday initiative during sales reporting week, not to mention Tesla’s quarterly earnings call. The story was buried due to other news and we haven’t had much success. Perhaps people assumed they would have to make a large donation?  Well, that’s surely not the case at all. If every Tesla owner pledged only $1-5 to support it, we’d more than meet our goal. Additionally, if only a minuscule percentage of InsideEVs’ huge network of readers and followers offered just a single dollar (or even a $5 donation), we’d end up with money to spare. Please jump on the Project Loveday IndieGoGo page and check it out. If you’re willing and able, please back the project with a small donation to show your support. In order to get this off the ground, we need support from InsideEVs readers and the Tesla community. Thanks in advance!

Project Loveday originated as a school project for Bria that grew into a nationwide video competition after Bria tweeted at Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, asking Tesla to host a video contest. Elon enthusiastically tweeted back and partnered with her on the project.

Bria hoped the contest would lead to Super Bowl worthy ads that would get the general public excited about electric cars. But instead, the winning commercial was about how much trunk space the Tesla Model S has. The contest was fun, but it didn’t deliver on her dream. So, Bria decided she should show Elon how it’s done.

We want to create a commercial everyone can love and can get behind while showing people that purchasing green products just makes sense – Bria Loveday

Bria and Project Loveday are proud to launch an Indiegogo campaign to fund the commercial she’s always wanted, a commercial that makes it cool and smart to buy electric cars and solar roofs.

Project Loveday’s commercial will leverage two simple insights:

  • People want to feel like they’re in control and ready for anything
  • People love stories about the Zombie Apocalypse

That’s right, the commercial will feature zombies. To learn why, please visit Project Loveday.

Coming on board as a media partner is  InsideEVs.com, a subsidiary of Motorsport Network, whose automotive division properties also include Motor1.com, MotorGT.com, AutoClassics.com, and RideApart.com. InsideEVs.com is the world’s largest Internet site dedicated solely to plug-in electric vehicles and will provide all updates and announcements of the progress of the production of the commercial and the status of the campaign. Motorsport Network’s news and ecommerce automotive properties provide the largest audience of auto enthusiasts in the world with insight, premier content, and high-quality inventory.

To donate to the Project Loveday campaign please visit the Indiegogo homepage. For more information and regular announcements, be sure to check in to  www.InsideEVs.com.

For more information, please contact: Charles Baker, ElectricZombie2018@gmail.com

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If we fight climate change, we will definitely lose. That’s because humans are unable to change our ways for something cheaper even when staring down the barrel of a gun. People wasting their lives at DCFC for piddly amount of “free” electricity in tapered to hell Leaf/i3 is an example of this.

What we need is cheaper source of energy that pollute less, because that’s the only way to have people change their behavior. Once we have it (and we will, just a matter of time if gov’t would let that happen), climate change will be non-issue. Then we’ll invent something else to worry about.

I look forward to seeing the final zombie commercial!

Young talented individuals like Bria Loveday working to solve difficult important challenges… sets a good roll model for other young individuals to look up to.

Key to successfully promoting EV adoption is to redirect preconceived traditional EV conceptions (dorky cars made for the tree hugger crowd) to alternative EV labels that highlight why EVs are universally better to own than ICE… more fun to drive, lower cost to maintain, lower TCO, you won’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning if your car is accidentally left on in the garage… and most importantly operates silently so does not stir up the zombie hord. That is in essence what Tesla set out to do with its Tesla EVs.

I’m in…

Maybe a “Mad Max” like humorous setup. The big oil rigs and warboys fighting over the last drops of oil, as a solar powered community lives peacefully with BEVs, and can can quickly outrun the gas powered vehicles. And then the factions fighting over the oil, look floored, then back each other and shrug and go off and get the Solar/BEV religion.

Why does Tesla need a commercial? It’s never needed one in the past.

It’s not supposed to be for Tesla, specifically. Bria just picked Tesla for the school project early on, and following the Project Loveday lead that Tesla created is a way to reach out to people that supported that since it’s a massive, heavily-followed community with considerable social media presence. We couldn’t really call it Tesla Project Loveday and then use it to promote GM or Nissan. However, in the end, the primary goal would be to promote EV adoption and to get more eyes on the space. The Tesla concept can (and may) be completely removed from the commercial if Tesla doesn’t support it. Initially, though, we weren’t going to tell her she couldn’t continue with the campaign the way she started it.

Tesla already gets more publicity in the American scene than anyone except Trump. Americans increasingly think that the only EV worth thinking about is Tesla, I wouldn’t reinforce this misconception even further.

If you’re doing an EV-promotion video, it should be more inclusive. Particularly when no Tesla under $50k is available yet.

I would agree Tesla/Musk this week had more CNBC screen time, than Trump gets on CNN. -No small feat.

And on that note, TSLA longs might feel generous for Brea’s project. (I’m in)

Consider it short-money, for a good cause.

The problem with this is Tesla has yet to actually make an EV for most Americans.

So if most Americans think Tesla is the only one to consider, and most Americans can’t afford a Tesla, that seems to be a problem.

I don’t know – the zombie theme makes me think that Tesla will be advertised as a “rich preppers wet dream”… don’t know if that helps the mission…

Written by “Staff” ???