Professional Tesla Model S Ad Spot “Silence” Released – Unofficial Video

FEB 23 2016 BY JAY COLE 6

Gone are the days when we can call these Model S placements “unofficial fan-made” videos.  Today, they are more like professional, 3rd party short films.

New Tesla Spec-Commercial "Silence" Debuts Today (via YT/Garstig & Solide)

New Tesla Spec-Commercial “Silence” Debuts Today (via YT/Garstig & Solide)

Hot on the heels of a “Mad Max”- style video recently released (below) is this new short from Garstig & Solide Production short “Silence”

“Silence” – a spec-commercial for the Tesla Model S by director Minh Duong.

A Garstig & Solide Production in cooperation with University for Television and Film Munich

Who needs corporate advertising again?  Not Tesla it would seem.

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In related news Consumer Reports decides to punt on Tesla, by not considering the car for inclusion in the best of models.
Their reason:
They did not include luxury models unless they had at lest two cars to review, or maybe it was two models. Anyway.
I would just call them a bit nervous, of the once bitten twice shy variety.

Well people always said Tesla was going to disrupt the car world. True, but not one predicted they would also disrupt the car reviewing world. By not reviewing a vehicle that won best vehicle for two years in a row they have lost a great deal of credibility in my book.

Yeah, that CR release was also non-sensical to me today also.

They give the best LARGE car award to the Chevy Impala for 2015 and 2016, while the “S” or “X” doesn’t even make the top 10.

But they give a totally new ‘best overall’ (whatever that means – I think it means whatever they want it to mean at any given time) for 2014, and 2015 to the “S”, then have no category at all for 2016. The fishy thing is a ‘best’ car should at least make the top ten list the next year, since everyone here at least would say the “S” hasn’t gotten any worse as time goes on, or, if they do, I’m unaware of it.

But CR apparently is also off-base with Giving VW brand AUDI the ‘best’ award. Several commenters have stated that Audi’s are great for the first year, then the cars just “Fall Apart, and are impossible to fix”. (I been there with a previous car, and can relate to that sentiment).

My own recollection of recent VW’s that friends have had reveal similar constant problems – 180 degrees opposed to the reliable ‘bugs’ from the 60’s.

Yeah I think this might have influenced CR as well:


Jake Fisher, director of auto testing, said because of faltering reliability scores, the Model S is no longer the top ultraluxury car and ranks behind the BMW 750i xDrive, Lexus LS 460L and Audi A8 L. He said Tesla’s quality problems including issues with hatches, door handles, electric motors and batteries have increased as the automaker has ramped up production.

“They are having issues and they need to work that out before they introduce new models,” Fisher said.


Oddly I have noticed none of this reported in inside(tesla)evs and yet the TeslaNonsenseMondo editorial on Model 3 strategy, two “advertisements” created by fans, and the endorsement of Tesla’s unfounded accusation against GM have made the cut.

Too Drab ,,for such an exciting product….

The tesla should be a brighter color, travelling through the depressed drab enviroment….

Some will notice the Tour de France route.