Porsche Mission E Called ‘Stealth In Motion’ – 592 HP Confirmed


Porsche’s Mark Webber gives us a little taste of the Mission E.

Let us just say up front that Mark is a professional driver and works for Porsche. So, with that being said, he may be a little biased. However, this is the first time he’s had an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Mission E and we’re interested in what he has to share.

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C’mon, this is a Porsche we’re talking about. We feel pretty confident that anyone getting the chance to run it around the track would probably be extremely impressed … Porsche-sponsored or not.

Autocar adds:

“Webber also announces that the car has “600hp”, which equates to 592bhp, confirming speculation that its lithium ion battery pack-powered dual electric motor architecture will rank the Mission E second only to the 911 GT2 RS for power.”

Webber calls the Mission E a “game changer” and says it’s “stealth in motion.” He admits it keeps reminding him of the Porsche 919 Hybrid. Despite its size and weight, it provides a truly dynamic driving experience. While Webber had some concerns initially, he’s looking very forward to spending more time with the Mission E.

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Video Description via Porsche on YouTube:

Mark Webber got behind the wheel of the new Mission E for the first time on Porsche’s test track at Weissach. Are you curious about his impressions? Watch this video to find out.

Source: Autocar

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Finally a real car.

You’ve really never seen a real car before?

That is awesome, I cannot wait to see the real car roaming the streets.

I see many 14KWh Panamera owners trading up to 90.

You conveniently left out the fact one is a PHEV.

Tesla, the end is near… Finally a fully electric car without overpowering traction control that takes away all the fun.

Yeah, the “End” is near.. hahaha! Considering Tesla customers are more satisfied with their cars than any other manufacturer, I’d have to say you just may be wrong.


It’s always the same. If you buy some overpriced crap and you realize it wansn’t worth it and everyone keeps asking you omg how could you pay so much for that thing, then you have no other choise than to be fully satisfied


that’s not how satisfaction works. Tesla owners are generally happy. Period. They’re not saying they are to hide embarrassment. They are happy. I realise this concept might be a bit alien to you.

This will be an expensive car, Porsche can charge a lot because of its brand value (the result of 50+ years of consistant design quality). Not really a threat to Tesla, more an electric option for the Porsche people.

I gotta say, the fake exhaust tips leave a lot to be desired.

It’s not the production version. It’s a test car to confuse the public with one of their PHEVs because they’re testing it outside on the tracks or streets.

Maybe that is how they pipe out fake exhaust sounds as an option?

Of course this is not final. It’s the same or similar car Porsche is testing outside on the track or streets. And they want to give the impression that it’s just on of their normal PHEVs. The real Mission E will come without fake exhausts obviously.

Not sure if a couple of swastikas would be better than anything, but thanks for trying.

Time to start production… more EVs 🙂

Out of my price range for a car, I think, but I work next to a Porche dealer – so I expect to see many of those when they are for sale.

It is BY FAR the best looking 4-door Porsche out there. It is arguable one of the best looking EVs on the road if they keep it looking like that. Model S is awesome looking. Not too many other EVs are great looking. But Mission-E and Model S are definitely among the “supermodels” of EVs. (Model X is the overweight ugly cousin of Model S. Model 3 looks like the average looking nephew of the Model S. Good looking side view and front view, but ugly butt).

With that said, the rear seat head rooms do look a bit tight. I know it is more like Audi A7. But it is certainly a good looking Porsche. I seriously doubt that it would be “cheap enough” to be around $80K like the rumors claimed.

Are you joking? The Model 3 on the outside is the best looking high volume car of the last decade. It looks like a Porsche though, but that isn’t a bad thing.

In my opinion, Model 3 looks good on the front and side. The rear end is fat and ugly like Model X.