Professional Commercial Producer Creates Latest Tesla Advertisement – Video


tesal adProfessional Austrian cinematographer, Manuel Wenger is the man responsible for this mini-film featuring the Tesla Model S.

Wenger previously produced paid spots for BMW, Audi and other automakers, but this Tesla commercial was unpaid and done simply because Wenger has a passion for Tesla.

As EVANNEX explains:

“…this mini-film is a slick, high-production shoot straight out of a movie thriller.”

“Only a tad over one minute set to punk rock music, this caper involves what appears to be two villains-in-love who look more like Sid and Nancy than Bonnie and Clyde.”

Hidden in the frunk (hence the “More Space Than Expected” title) of the Model S is some contraband that’s overlooked by the police.


“Wenger shot this in a wide-screen format with Director Christoph Lacmanski in order to show off the unique capabilities of the Tesla Model S. Instead of touting its green credentials, this mini-film shows the car as an indispensable “get-away” vehicle…” 

Film credits:

  • Director: Christoph Lacmanski
  • DoP: Manuel Wenger
  • Production: Emerge & See
  • Producers: Stefan Eisenbruch, Raphael Wallner


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And people ask why Tesla doesn’t make commercials…

They don’t have to! Their owners do it for them!

Yeah, I don’t expect Tesla will really get behind this one.

A bit non-sequitur, but cute.

who needs ads when they sell more than they can make. It’s nice they don’t jack the price up like car dealers do when they have a popular car. Thank you Tesla again and again.

I guess, well, maybe ok. Somehow I don’t think an ad is news, but it seems if it’s about Tesla anything goes. Funny thing, I was a huge Tesla fan myself and I have a Model 3 reservation (among the first few hundred in Norway AFAIU) – and yet I am really starting to become irritated with the hype. As of late the company has more or less routinely failed to do what it said it would, and the merger with SolarCity appears suspect to say the least. Even so there’s seldom a critical word to read on this site, and all sorts of fluff is considered worth reporting on. Coupled with the hugely overblown backlash against VW – who despite their despicable cheating nevertheless make the world’s cleanest diesel cars – I’m starting to wonder if this site too takes an exclusively American POV and loves Tesla for all the wrong reasons (nationalism). If VW comes through on its new strategic plan it really deserves serious credit. No other incumbent has announced nearly as ambitious a program, even speaking of stopping all R&D relating to fossil fuel drive trains. Tesla obviously is all-in on BEVs, but that is actually… Read more »

Terawatt said:

“…the hugely overblown backlash against VW –- who despite their despicable cheating nevertheless make the world’s cleanest diesel cars…”

It’s hard to see how the backlash against VW’s jaw-dropping level of cheating on a mass scale on emissions tests, could possibly be “overblown”.

And saying “the world’s cleanest diesel cars” is about like saying “the world’s least evil mass murderer”.

The term “clean diesel” is an oxymoron. Right up there with “jumbo shrimp” and “working vacation”, only worse.

I think the merger with SolarCity is great news! There will be a solar canopy on each Super-Charger Station. Tesla will provide the car, the batteries and the electricirty source! It seems to me that many people here don’t understand and take the poison word of the WSJ and the likes for the truth.
The media, nearly all of the big ones, are controlled by FF interests.

“[VW/Audi] who despite their despicable cheating nevertheless make the world’s cleanest diesel cars”

Says who?
Based on what data?

Nobody actually knows how clean VW/Audi’s diesel cheat cars really are. Because whenever anybody puts them on the standardized dyno test, they change how they operate. So there literally is no way to compare their emissions to the standardized test results from all the other car makers.

I’ve never seen a car that was advertised for criminals.

Oh dear….

Junk in the frunk

Anybody knows password?