Production Volkswagen e-Golf Images Leak Out


VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

Limited details and first-ever photos of the production Volkswagen e-Golf have leaked out ahead of its official debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March.

VW e-Golf rear

VW e-Golf rear

The front-wheel drive electric e-Golf (based on the entirely new Mark VII platform) will reportedly churn out 115 horsepower and an estimated 199 pound-feet of torque.  Top speed is tentatively set at 84 miles per hour and the 0 to 62 mph dash is listed at a rather leisurely 11.8 seconds.

While performance may not be its strong suit, range should be above average.   The VW e-Golf is fitted with a26.5-kWh lithium-ion battery mounted under the rear seats.  VW says range is up to 109 miles, but that’s a European figure.  85-ish miles seems more accurate a guess as to its future EPA rating.

Over in Europe, the e-Golf will offer three driving modes: Normal, Eco and Range. Normal is, well, normal.  Eco cuts max power to 95 hp and drops top speed to just 74.5 mph.  Range mode is a bit unusual as it deactivates air conditioning and slashes speed to 59 mph.  It’s not clear yet if VW will offer all 3 modes on US-Bound e-Golfs.

What is clear is that this electric hatchback is US-bound.  Volkswagen intends to launch the production version of the e-Golf in the US in 2014.  It will launch in select European countries in late 2013.


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I still believe the Ampera or Volt is far superior product, may be if they price the e-golf correctly they may sell well for a BEV only vehicle – time will tell.

I like how you can select different power modes. And it comes with the new Combo Charger which we should see on the 2014 Focus Electric, C-Max/Fusion Energi and 2014 Volt and ELR.

The styling of the new model of Golf is even blander than the previous model. It looks like the generic black and white symbol for ‘hatch’ before any design was added by a manufacturer.

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn has hinted that the EV will retail for over €40,000 in Europe. Which means closer to $50k.

So as Leaf and Focus Electric lower their prices and offer cheaper models, VW getting a late start in the EV game, will be at the top of the price range.

Ah, look more closely at that connector. Its a 3 phase connector, not the j1772 combo.

I gave up on cross Atlantic standardization about 2 years ago. 3-phase power is not common in homes here, and large single phase loads (over 27 amps) are allowed over there.

err, not allowed i meant to say. That may mean why
GM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fisker, Smart, and others have standardardized on 3.3 kw chargers since they are all 14 amps they can be used in North America and be used on European 16 amp circuits.

Let’s hope Envia will be able to put out a production-ready pack
that’ll leap progress forward by 2015 or thereabouts. If not, we’re
destined to see the very tiny slice of the auto market called
“city EVs” go away with changing governments and vanishing
or watered-down mileage mandates.

Yawn…This, and all other efforts bringing us that 80 mile range
pack will not be sold in any volume – nothing to be excited about.
VW, like others will absorb the losses and move on – nothing
to see here – move along, move along folks.

That said, a few fortunate people may get to buy and not lease
this future collectible which I hope is a stairstep towards an EV
we can buy as our only car – and one that is affordable.

It seems li ion limitationss continue to bear their ugly heads,
and nobody can get past that 100 mile AER threshold.

Aren’t the “range limitations” only due to the current prices of lithium batteries hence the ‘small’ battery packs they are putting in these cars?

Search youtube for a video about Bolivia and lithium. That is what is holding back the world.