Production Version Of VIA EREV Shuttle Van Debuts


Non Production Version of VIA Shuttle Van

Non Production Version of VIA Shuttle Van

In full-size vans, there’s the commercial-use work van (no seats and usually no rear windows) and there’s the passenger hauler (rear seats and windows).  Often called a shuttle van, VIA Motors recently debuted this version in production trim at the Edison Electric Institute Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some of these VIA shuttle vans have been in service for 7 months now, but VIA is just now accepting orders for the EREV passenger hauler.

According to VIA, the shuttle versions feature upgrading seating and can be equipped with several options not available on the work van.

According to Hybrid Cars:

“These vans, by the way, are demonstrating the ideal usage scenario VIA envisions which is all-electric. How does a 24-kwh VIA van drive over 100 miles a day, round the clock on pure electricity?”

“The buzzword is “opportunity charging.”

“VIA has contracted with Clipper Creek which provides a strategically located 240-volt, 14.4-amp level 2 charger that replenishes the shuttle buses in between trips.”

The shuttle vans remain running while charging (aka waiting for the next group of passenger to board) so that the A/C can be kept on full blast to not put riders in discomfort.

Per VIA, there are orders booked for the shuttle van, mostly from airports and hotels.  The base MSRP is $79,000.  Options of course add extra, but VIA says that 6 states offer incentives for this van, which start at $10,500 and go up from there.  Additionally, it qualifies for the full $7,500 federal tax credit.

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Source: HybridCars

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Mike I

“240-volt, 14.4-amp level 2 charger”

Really? I think it should be 14.4kW, which would be 240VAC at 60 Amps. That would actually be useful as opposed to the “14.4-amp” which is less than 3.5kW. BTW, it’s an EVSE, not a charger. 😉

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

If it’s a Voltec-style battery, then 14.4A would actually be somewhat accurate, charging at ~3.3kW.


#6000! congratulations InsideEVs team!!

George Bower

I second the motion!

Rick Danger

+1 Congratulations!



You’re welcome!

George Bower

hard to understand why they don’t have a higher power charger in this Van.

The charger they are talking about charges at a rate of around 7 miles per hour…it’s way too small.

Al S

I believe it has an onboard charger capable of accepting 70 Amps. The Canadian distributor, Sun Country, recommends the CS-90 charging station for VTrux buyers.


“*Editor’s Note: This marks post # 6,000 for InsideEVs.”

I want to see a pie chart of who has the most articles. 🙂

(I’m guessing Eric by a long shot)

Eric Loveday

Of course you’d be right. Shh…don’t let Jay know.

Jay Cole

I like to go by word count, (=


Florida needs these badly. All those tourists for Disney and Universal, all that diesel stink.


Yep, and a lot of other places!!!


At that price they’d pay off these vans in 1 month!


I was thinking it was a pretty attractive price too.


Congratulations, InsideEVs!