Production Version of Electric Volkswagen E-Up! Debuts


Here's the Volkswagen e-Up! in Production Form

Here’s the Volkswagen E-Up! in Production Form

Volkswagen just revealed the production version of the E-Up!—the automaker’s first fully electric production vehicle.

As is obvious, the E-Up! is based on the widely successful Volkswagen Up!, which in electric form ditches the standard Up!’s three-cylinder gasoline engine in favor of an 81-horsepower electric motor that makes 155 pound-feet of torque.  Acceleration for the E-Up! is decent with a 0 to 62 mph dash accomplished in 14 seconds.  That’s only 0.8 seconds slower than the gas-burning Up!  Top speed for the E-Up! is listed at 84 mph.  Weight? 2,600 pounds.

Snazzy With It's Contrast Stitching

Snazzy With Its Contrast Stitching

An 18.7-kWh lithium-ion battery pack resides underneath the E-Up! and is supposedly capable of powering the electric Up! for 93 miles (under NEDC guidelines) on a full charge. 

Volkswagen claims that the E-Up! can be charged to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes and says that the E-Up! features its Combined Charging System (CCS), which supports both DC and AC.

The E-Up! differs from the conventional Up! only slightly.  On the outside, the E-Up!  features curved LED running lights both front and rear.  Additionally, some aerodynamic tweaks have been applied to the E-Up!’s front end and side sill, as well as to its underbody.

The interior gets light grey seats covers with contrasting blue stitching and now features seating for four laid out in the typical way—not a wacky 3+1 format like in the concept version.

The E-Up! will make its on-stage debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.  VW will begin taking orders after that debut.  Pricing isn’t finalized, but we expect the E-Up! to cost approximately £15,000 ($22415 US) after incentives in the UK.  European deliveries are expected to commence in early 2014.

US pricing?  Well, first VW would have to confirm that the E-Up! is US-bound.  That hasn’t happened and, most likely, won’t.

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Nice little buggy.. Now if they would only offer a bigger battery as an option!

Looking at the dimensions of the car, and the 93 miles on the NEDC cycle, we areprobably looking at a rating of about 65 miles in the US (EPA). So, the E-Up! is i-MiEV-like, but in a little larger package, with a lot more creature-comforts.

For some more cash, I’d just get a Spark EV. Better range, better accel.

10/4 on that. If your going to have a little roller skate. Might as well make it a fun little roller skate.

What we need is for someone to take BMW’s I3 w/ baby range extender and make it AFFORDABLE. If one could get Leaf range, Spark 0-60 time, and the baby RE for the price of today’s Leaf now that would be hot.

Mini cars are big in Europe and it’s a good idea to make mini EVs.

Even though we won’t get this car in the US, we will get the eGolf 5-door for about $40k and 93EV miles. Which also will come with the combo charger like the UP will for Europe.

I agree. With its rather un-VW worst-in-class acceleration, they should change the name to E-Slow or Golf-Cart. I don’t think they want to sell many of these things.

Is Spark even getting produced – with all that is happening at A123 ?

As far as I know it is. I keep reading articles about it.

That LG plant sitting dormant in Michigan sure could benefit
from making packs for the SparkEV!

I looked at EV maxi scooters as an option for tooling around town for
those errands like the post office and grocery store – the Vectrix
was tops on my list, until it just couldn’t rid itself of it’s NIMH batteries,
low range or huge pricetag. When Piaggio, the world’s largest scooter
company with distribution in the U.S., was touting it’s new
hybrid scooter with lithium batteries, I wanted one. “Due in America in 2010!”,
they said. Well, 2011 rolled around and they’d sold perhaps 3 scooters total
in Europe, and then news of a new-improved Piaggio hybrid scooter
surfaced, with more power. “Due in USA by early 2011!”, they said…..
Today, I still wait….and wait…..and….

Moral of story: Don’t look for E-Up! any time soon.


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