Production Tesla Model X Rendering – Video


Model X Rendering

Model X Rendering

Here’s a rather interesting video that features a rendering of what the production Tesla Model X might look like (via YouTube uploader auto news).

By now, we’ve all seen tons of spy shots of the pre-production Tesla Model X crossovers on the road, but nobody outside of Tesla has laid eyes on the full production version.

What this rendering shows us is the possible approach Tesla might take with the nosecone (typically covered in spy shots) for the Model X.

Most of the imagery in the video is taken from previously released photos of the concept Model X, but with some tweaks applied to those shots, the renderer feels that this is how the production version will look when it rolls off the line later this month.

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“Here’s a rather interesting video that features a rendering of what the production Tesla Model S might look like”
You mean Model X right?

No, he meant the Model S, the first 100,000 or so are just the test mules, (=

/fixed, thanks k

That thing is way too small to be a Model X.

That might be what a Model 3 CUV looks like.

Gotta give credit for the effort, but we’ve seen so many pictures for so long – it’s kind of easy to pick up lots of details that aren’t there – such as the production version’s huge, solid gloss black C pillars needed to heft the problematic Falcon doors. Also – the adjustable rear spoiler isn’t there – and it’s plain he just used the interior of the concept show car that made it’s debut over 2 years ago.

There is no real mystery as to the basic shape and trim of the car – only some minor detailing of the grill and lower-bumper vents and driving lights.

Am I alone in completely yawning in the long-long-looooong delayed expose of the production Model X?

I hope the Falcon Wing door debacle has taught Musk and his staff some really big lessons on how to plan a new car. Perhaps the Model III will benefit from avoiding such flourishes which become huge speed bumps.

The nose cone is the only thing I do not like on the model s.

That of the x is only sligtly different, but enough to bring it from ugly to beautiful.

The next update of the s should include this nose cone.

Is that clip from Dodge Ball?

Yes. Great movie.

It’s not bad. I understand and appreciate the amount of effort this takes to create.

I think the final front grill trim probably isn’t cut up into the lower intake, as on the original prototype. Last spy photo I saw, it was all contiguous cures; just like the Model S.

The wheel intakes and skirt grill look a tad tall, but it’s not a bad effort. Again, this area varies from the earliest prototype, and seems to look more like the Model S, based on the latest Spy Photos.

A solid B+ here. 🙂

I received this email offering from Tesla,
19 minutes ago. If the picture fails to post,
I suspect that Jay will have received the same Tesla email and will be able to post the picture.

Model X

I didn’t see any code/link data in your post D, so I can’t be sure what you intended to put up. But we got this Model X teaser (below) as part of the Tesla “August updates”, if that is what you mean?

(It has the same/old prototype Model X shot in it though, looks like its just filling in space..still waiting on configurator/debut)

ps) “find out more” link just goes to here, if anyone wants to “click it”

Third quarter ends September 30, so within 30 days from today.

Yes Jay,
That was the picture that I failed to
post successfully.

Just for future reference, you can just trop the pic direct link in and it will embed (but might take a bit to populate) as long as its under 1000 pixels in width

A better 3D rendering would be a Model X … Cruisin’ with HotWheels?