Production Ready BMW i3 Debuts Inside First Ever “i Store” in London

JUN 14 2012 BY STAFF 8

A refresh and updated BMW i3, now billed as “production ready” debuted along with the company’s worldwide first i Store in London on Wednesday.

Still On Track For 2013

By looking at the exterior you would not know anything had really changed, other than a new paint scheme, but its what is on inside that counts in this version, which according to Benoit Jacob, who is head of i design, “…is 85 to 90 per cent production ready. Very close.”  Unfortunately, he goes on to detail one of the most unique and appealing design cue of the car will not see its way to production, “…visual details like doors can be expected to change – the i8 spider shown in Beijing  didn’t have see through doors so that gives clues.”

The BMW i3 “production ready” car boasts a 125 kW (170-hp) motor with 170 lb-ft of torque.  The i3 is expected race from 0 to 60mph in the mid 7 second range, and will top out at 93 mph.  As for the interior, it now has a more reasonable functionality, stripping away the usual concept car flare for the dramatic.  However, BMW does feature a boot fitted with a pair of  BMW i Pedelec Concept bicycles highlight its green/urban theme.

Production Ready Interior for the BMW i3

As for the store itself, the London Park Lane will be open to the starting on the 25th of July and feature both the i3, the i8 for anyone wanting to get up and closer with their new favorite BMW.  On sale dates will be announced at a later time.

There is a pile of more finite detail on the changes and specifications to the BMW i3 not mentioned in this article that only the most avid follower would enjoy reading about.  So for those readers interested, here is a handy PDF file that will more than keep you occupied for the next 15 months while you wait for the car.

On London Streets

BMW i Pedelec Concept (Electric Bicycle) Introduced

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Very cool, I didn’t think the doors would make it to production.


more here on the BMW i Pedelec Electric Bicycle:

Jay Cole

Good stuff, thanks. I added the i Pedelec/BMW i3 picture as the last picture on the title article…figured it should be there as well, (=

…I do have to say that fellow isn’t looking particularly masculine in the shot


Has BMW nailed down any pricing on this? I see that they are saying 100,000 euros for the i8.


No, but we are hoping for the i3 to priced at around 42K. That seems to be the popular number on this ActiveE forum thread started by Tom Moloughney:


Is this an EREV or a pure EV. If pure EV, what’s the range?


Jay Cole

This is a pure EV. No official specs of course at the point, but I think your looking at an EPA rating in the 85-90 mile range. Thats probably around 120-125 on the old LA4 system.

Tom Moloughney

I’ve seen reports of 130 miles on the LA-4 cycle and 140 miles on the FTP-72. However they are very similar tests (if not identical). Perhaps the figures were from various stages of development.

MOD EDIT: Working on the edit functionality Tom (has been glitcy/not working properly, so we took the functionality out until it gets resolved)