Production Of Plug-Ins Exceeded 400,000 In 1H 2018 In China

JUL 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Time for battery recycling

With plug-in electric vehicle sales exceeding 400,000 in the first half of this year in China, the government is developing a pilot battery recycling scheme.

According to CAAM, production and sales of New Energy Vehicles in China amounted more than 400,000 – on track for probably more than a million for the full year and 2 million by 2020.

This is the time when the government needs to act quickly to prepare battery recycling requirements. Soon, a pilot project will be launched in 17 cities and regions.

In 2017, production of batteries for plug-in vehicles in China increased to 37.35 GWh. Because there is 102 companies that offers 355 different models (as of the end of March 2018) the needs of recycling soon will very important – “annual lithium battery waste could reach around 170,000 tonnes by 2020.”.

According to Reuters, many actions are planned:

  • cities and regions would encourage car producers to establish recycling service outlets and cooperate with battery producers, used car dealers and scrap merchants to build regional recycling systems
  • strictly control of the number of new enterprises involved in battery recycling and make full use of existing recycling bases in China in order to promote sustainable development in sector
  • policies to support battery recycling, making full use of existing tax incentives and creating innovative new financing methods
  • “traceability management platform” aimed at tracking the entire life cycle of electric car batteries from production to disposal

Source: Automotive News, Reuters

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Thanks Anti-Innovation-Anti-Jobs Trump and the Illegal Gerrymandered Republican Congress.
Give Future, oops now CURRENT, jobs to China.

Wow, somebody got out wrong side of the bed this morning.
Of course with our current administration it’s hard to get out of bed at all.

Raw numbers are part of the story but it would nice to get a more picture, as in Norway where we know the percentage of evs sold’ I think it’s around 50% evs now in new car sales, while China maybe 2%, currently projected 20% by 2025, and that’s NEV. which include hybrids. while this growth would be good it’s still rather slow. To meet their targets there is the probability of bans of ice or other draconian measures, aside from the aggressive schedule of switching to evs outlined for automakers, the target is 10% this year,

The various troubles with tariffs will also serve to slow down the advance of the revolutionary column of nev adopters. It’s hard to push on a rope and expect results. In that people have to embrace the movement and with various uncertainties:, a falling Yuan, slowing economy, rise is commodity prices, and just general view that things are not going well, people will not be so inclined to get a nev, unless there is no other way for them.

Recent monthly EV market share in China was actually at 5%, adding up to IIRC 3.1% average year-to-date.

The 10% whole-year target is for 2019, not 2018.

I’m not sure why weak economy would reduce interest in EVs?…

The 10/12/whatever percent quota is a credit based system. Long range BEV is 4 credits, etc. So 10-12% quota is 3-4% market share.

I’d much rather live in a democracy than a single party state but it is thought provoking to see how a government can implement enlightened policies when it doesn’t have to court votes from dunder heads who believe mankind co-existed with dinosaurs and that global warming is a left wing hoax

It is a democracy… As much as some other countries with so called “democracies” like for example the US.

The big difference is that the Chinese “democracy” is run by engineers and economists wanting to do what’s best for the country. While a “democracy” like the US is run by corporations, greed and lawyers.

One promotes education of the people, the other embraces ignorence and fact resistance.

Switzerland has a democracy…

Don’t say nonsense about China. A democracy it is not. If you were to stand up and say “I want China to vote for the leader”, you’ll be sentenced to jail. And your wife will be under house arrest for 8 years, and your brother held as collateral. See Liu Xiaobo.

Some people don’t hate themselves in the mirror every morning.

At first I thought is said 400,000 In 1HR (hour). I just about freaked!


But seriously, whoever converts their transportation to electric the most before the next set of oil price spikes will win the economic race.