Production of BMW i3 Now Officially Underway


BMW i3 Production Underway

BMW i3 Production Underway

Frankly, there’s little to say here other than what’s going on.

Today, September 18, marks the official start of mass production for BMW’s first-ever series production electric vehicle: the BMW i3.

The i3 is currently rolling down the lines at BMW’s factory in Leipzig, Germany.

A 400 million Euro ($534 million US) expansion was required to ready the site for i3 production.

Ready it is.

The i3 will go on sale in November in Germany.  The German launch will be followed closely by several other European cities.

In Q2 of 2014, the BMW i3 will be made available in the US with a base MSRP of $41,350.

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Here’s a photo:

Cool. I hope the i3 gets the German people interested in EVs. They didn’t seem to be interested when the cars were non-German.

Curiously slow ramp up if they don’t deliver until november.