Production Nissan e-NV200 Van Revealed In Geneva, Sales Start In June

MAR 4 2014 BY JAY COLE 31

The e-NV200 Joins The Nissan LEAF In Nissan All-Electric Stable Starting This June

The e-NV200 Joins The Nissan LEAF In Nissan All-Electric Stable Starting This June

As promised Nissan has revealed the production version of its all-electric van, the e-NV200 at the Geneva Motor Show today.   Nissan calls their second electric offering a game changer, saying that the “e-NV200 is ready to change the face of light commercial vehicles forever.”

2015 Nissan e-NV200

2015 Nissan e-NV200

Here are Nissan’s initial bullet points on the plug-in van for its introduction in Europe:

  • New styling reflects 30 percent new components over existing NV200
  • 170 km (105 miles) NEDC homologated driving range, 120 km/h (75 mph) maximum speed
  • CHAdeMO quick charge capable (0-80% in 30 minutes)
  • Access to over 1000 public quick chargers in Europe
  • Global production from Barcelona

It should be noted that the e-NV200 using the same basic setup and 24 kWh battery as the Nissan LEAF – but the pack itself (which is assembled in Sunderland, UK) is built in a different configuration to maximize cargo area.

Nissan e-NV200 Comes In Three Different Exterior Trim Configurations

Nissan e-NV200 Comes In Three Different Exterior Trim Configurations

Thanks to this fact, we can be fairly assured that the e-NV200’s US EPA range will come in right around initial expectations – 72-75 miles.  The commercial version of this van (it also comes in a retail 5 passenger) has a cargo volume of 4.2m3 and can “carry two standard Euro pallets.”

As for those changes over the gas burning version of the e-NV200:

Nissan e-NV200 - Class Leading Cargo Room

Nissan e-NV200 – Class Leading Cargo Room

“Differences between e-NV200 and NV200 include striking visual changes, a re-engineered chassis, interior revisions, a new battery pack, a higher capacity regenerative braking system and other modifications to ensure e-NV200 is better suited to its likely role as a city-based delivery vehicle for cargo and people.

The most obvious visual difference between e-NV200 and its conventionally powered sibling is the adoption of Nissan’s EV “face,” familiar from Nissan LEAF. The central charging doors and unique blue tinted LED headlights give a modern look and distinct identity from its ICE sibling.

Blue-tinted arrow-like positioning lamps sit within new, crescent-shaped, headlamps that incorporate a distinctive ice blue light colour. LED bulbs are used in the rear lights of all versions as well as at the front on passenger models. The “electric” blue theme extends to the e-NV200’s badging.”

The Nissan e-NV200 will now go on sale in the UK in June (originally estimated for May).  Of the course, the question everyone wants answered is “how much?”  And for that, we have to wait just a bit longer, as no such information was yet available at the electric van’s reveal.

Nissan e-NV200 Instrument Panel

Nissan e-NV200 Instrument Panel

Inside, the e-NV200 ‘s interior reminds us a lot of the LEAF, with a familiar center stack console.  The instrumentation cluster is something we have yet to see from Nissan, and may point to where the company is headed with the 2nd generation LEAF in a couple years.

Nissan e-NV200 Full Instrumentation

Nissan e-NV200 Full Instrumentation

Nissan also notes that the e-NV200 is actually superior when it comes to the LEAF when it comes to regenerative braking:

Rear Seating For 3 More

Rear Seating For 3 More

“Another drivetrain change over LEAF determined by e-NV200’s likely usage pattern is a new braking system with a higher regenerative capacity. This takes advantage of the vehicle’s typical stop/start city driving modes, while Hill Start Assist is fitted as standard, holding the vehicle for two seconds after the footbrake is released to allow smooth starting.”

As for the re-configuration of the battery pack itself:

“The Lithium-ion battery which has been changed to allow it to fit under e-NV200’s floor without compromising the cargo area. The new pack, which is built at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland, UK, and assembled in Barcelona, has the same number of modules – 48 – as in Leaf and the same 24kWh capacity, but is packaged differently.

Nissan e-NV200 Interior

Nissan e-NV200 Interior

The battery module is set low in the vehicle under the load floor and is mounted in a reinforced zone for extra safety protection in the event of an impact. The battery mounting assembly also helps boost the torsional and lateral stiffness of the vehicle by 20 percent and 35 percent respectively over NV200.

With a low centre of gravity, the ride and handling levels of e-NV200 are exceptional, even by the standards set by the NV200 while the instant torque delivery typical of an electric vehicle means the battery-powered version accelerates faster: its 0-100km/h time is quicker than the 1.5 dCi-powered NV200, with final figures confirmed later this year.”

As for the United States, the only thing that is known at the moment is that it is coming at some point; but highly unlikely for 2014.

Gallery: Production Nissan e-NV200 (double click to enlarge)

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Needs the $5000 option to double the battery pack size, that’s what I want announced!

Agreed! And I hope they offer an optional third row when it makes it to the states. We do so love our people-movers.

Yeah, that is what I was gonna say. Give an option for more battery.

Agreed, the range is pretty disappointing.

I’m waiting for the $10K triple battery pack option. 😛

IMO What it needs is some competition, It used to be all about the Volt and the Leaf now there’s nothing.

The PHEV’s are now their own market segment with a few contenders, there are no other BEV’s selling in numbers close to the Leaf (I know Tesla is, but they are hardly competitors at this stage). What we need is a sensibly priced Focus/Golf/i3/Gen 3 to come along to get some of the concepts out of the press and on the road 150 mile leaf, the 3 row of seats, the leaf estate and the NISMO racer could all happen but are unlikely while Nissan can’t build enough to meet demand and while there is no danger of anyone else taking market share from them.

Boulder EV makes large full size vans in pure electric. They are in Boulder CO.

This makes so much sense, any idea when they are bringing it to Australia? and yes I think this is a good car,

1 – it has adequate range for me
2 – it has more space than a regular leaf
3 – the seats look like they can be cleaned with a damp cloth
4 – you don’t need to take it to a petrol station (that is a massive bonus when you have 2 children and normally only 1 parent driving)
5 – it is as ugly as any other leaf

6 – it is less ugly than quite a few of the new SUV’s and people carriers

7 – Who gives a rat about looks in a vehicle like this?

People with 2 kids and a dog.

Oh no hang on they can just wonder over to the magic money tree pick some fruit and then buy a model X, no compromise….. except for price. This car would do everything I need it to, I already have a beautiful wife I don’t need a Tesla to make people look at me.

sorry Nargg, I miss-read you last comment I thought you wrote “who gives a rat about this vehicle”

you are of course correct that the looks of this vehicle are very much secondary to the function

At least it shares a lot of components with the Leaf. That should help bring the cost of both down.

Personally, I think it is ugly too. However, I don’t like any vans or minivans. As such, I don’t think it is any uglier than any other minivan. If I HAD to have one for some reason, I guess I’d want the E-NV200.

It has the same size battery pack as the Leaf while being taller (less aerodynamic) and presumably heavier. How will it have a similar range? Does it use more of the pack or have they made energy efficiency improvements?

If it does equal the Leaf’s range, that’s pretty impressive. A welcome addition to the EV family!

The LEAF is rated at 200 km NEDC range, so the e-NV200 will go about 85% as far as the LEAF.

I’m thinking that if you load this guy to capacity (which is? 2000lbs?) you’ll probably get only 50% range. Still not that bad overall. Needs a higher battery capacity option though. Especially if purchased as a people mover. I could see vehicles like this slowly becoming a standard for large hotel chains and corporate city mini-buses.

Hmmm, take cargo version and a cutting torch and…… First ‘production’ pickup mod?

FedEx and USPS should be thousands of these to use for delivery vans.

Except, I bet they put far more than 70 miles per day on any given vehicle they operate.

Not in main metro areas. 70 will likely be just fine. USPS should bring the Right hand version over.

100+ miles if the driver leaves it plugged in to a fast charger at the depot while he has his lunch break.

Will be interesting to see how it performs in sales against the electric Kangoo Z.E. It’s Renaults second best selling EV after the ZOE and the ZOE gets beaten by the Leaf. You could resume from that, that EVs with the option to buy batteries score more sales.

Also the new Berlingo electric will likely join the race this year for EV cargo/passenger Vans. It will have a very useful AC three phase charger up to 86kwh (3x230V at 125amps) and also a battery you can buy.

Renault really needs the option to buy the batteries…

I think what is most intersting is the prominent battery capacity indicator in the cluster front and center.(center right)

no other EV mfr has such an indicator right out in front displayed all the time.

Can’t wait for the cut away to see the details of the pack reconfiguration.
Congrats Nissan!

Nissan’s assitance with CHAdeMO installations, getting costs under 20k, mate well with the eNV-200. The public can be sold the ‘All Electric Car’ banner ads, that are featured under this very story. Fleet managers will do the math, and never see or care who it was that put the golf carts behind them.

Someone needs to come up with a battery add-on upgrade for eNV200 since Nissan won’t do it. This van looks great but it just needs twice or thrice the range for it’s family van variant. One would think that with such a large floor under the van, Nissan would have doubled or tripled the battery pack that the LEAF has, but sadly they didn’t. Carlos Ghosn needs to be informed that his EV engineers are deliberately screwing his latest EV with the small battery pack of LEAF. As others have said, they should at least offer add-on battery packs as an option.

I was in the Bahamas a few weeks ago and noticed that a lot of the vans that the taxi drivers drove where around this size. I think these vans would do really well in the Bahamas in that they have tons of room for solar power along with this van is the most common sized van in the Bahamas. Also the 75 mile range wouldn’t be that bad there in that the highest speed limit I have seen in the Bahamas is like 30 or 40 miles on hour.

That and the longest road is what, 50 miles?

2015 MY LEAF and E-NV200 in the States with the heavily rumored “150 mile” battery = Homerun.

You’ve said it a while back, Jay, no 3rd row, not even for Europe. Ahh well, at least there are 3rd parties that can sell custom seats. The same guys that make seats for full panel vans (no windows) like the Kangoo for businesses for service and inspection vehicles.

Yupe, wish I was wrong on that one…would be great to have a plug-in 7 seater out there. Something to do with the reconfiguration or something. We hope to get some shots of the new battery pack and the internals, maybe that will suss out some issues.