Production Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van Debuts In Two Weeks – On Sale In May

FEB 21 2014 BY JAY COLE 44

Nissan announced today that their all-electric e-NV200 van will make its production-ready debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show early next month.

Significant Changes Were Noted In The e-NV200's Interior Over The Original Concept At The Tokyo Motor Show Late Last Year

Significant Changes Were Noted In The e-NV200’s Interior Over The Original Concept At The Tokyo Motor Show Late Last Year

Going one better than that, they also announced the vehicle will also begin sales in May of this year.

And we have to say, with Geneva media show tickets already in hand, we can’t wait to check it out in person as plug-in vans headed in volume production to be sold worldwide are pretty rare – as in, there is none

Nissan states that the e-NV200 will be available both as a work and passenger van, available to both commercial and public buyers:

“When sales start in May, e-NV200 will be available as a van or as a five-seat people carrier in Combi or more luxurious Evalia guises. Although mainly targeted at businesses, e-NV200 will also appeal to private users with large families.”

Performance details are still a bit thin on the e-NV200, but given its platform and electric drivetrain are taken from the LEAF, an all electric range of about 180 km (NEDC) is expected, or about 75-78 miles on the US EPA metric.

The van will also feature the same 107 hp and 207lb ft of torque found in the LEAF – but more importantly DC fast charging (essential in a commercial application) as well.

An Electric Vehicle With Some Real Cargo Capacity (Will Be Available In Both Passenger And Commercial Variations)

An Electric Vehicle With Some Real Cargo Capacity (Will Be Available In Both Passenger And Commercial Variations)

Nissan’s media conference and reveal is scheduled for March 4th at 2:30 pm local time (8:30 AM Eastern/5:30 AM Pacific) and we’ll have all the specs and shots of the e-NV200 live from the show then.  If you are local to Geneva, the show is open to the public from the 6th to the 16th.

Sales and deliveries of the Nissan e-NV200 will begin first in Japan and select regions in Europe, with the US to follow (dates to TBA).

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I need seven seats this isn’t a very useful people carrying van if it only seats five. I want seven seater mini van.

Al S

Yes, for a family outside of California with 4-5 children and a budget less than 60k, is there any EV on the horizon with enough seats?

Al S

I just checked and the ICE version of the NV200 is already on sale with an additional bench available as an option to seat a total.

Surely this will be the same with the e-NV200.

Jay Cole

Unfortunately no, although you would think so at first glance.

I’m not sure exactly why this isn’t available in the e-NV200, but it does work for Nissan logistically for some reason. Its going to only come in the 2/5 configuration.


More seats = more weight = less range may be the equation.
Also the batteries have to go somewhere, and take up space, usually at the expense of spare wheels/extra seating as in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, where there is no 7 seater option on the PHEV although there is on the petrol version.


The seats aren’t exactly fully loaded, extra padded leather armchairs with electric adjustment and heating. They’re light, rather thin seats that fold up on the sides like the old Toyota Previa rather than hiding away into a flat floor like most 7 seaters.

It will make a lot of sense in Europe where this will debut and range shouldn’t be affected much (remember, it’s aerodynamic efficiency that affects range) but 7 seats has not a chance to be seen in the US. The only reason for this like the Prius V, it’s EU counterpart, the Prius+ has a 3rd bench which would be considered as comical, uncomfortable, useless and only necessary for rare emergencies in the US. Hell, excluding the taxi, there isn’t a passenger version of the nv200 in the US!


“I’m not sure exactly why this isn’t available in the e-NV200…”

I think I know: Nissan doesn’t really want to sell many EVs. That also explains why they under-designed the Leaf’s battery and made it pretty slow&ugly.

Since the e-NV200 looks OK (by minivan standards), Nissan needed to devise a new way to make it unappealing. Omitting the third row was probably their easiest option.


What on earth are you talking about!? Nissan doesn’t want to invest in EVs so they made them “slow&ugly”? Don’t talk soft!


When, oh when will someone make a three-row range-extended PHEV — a crossover or minivan on a Volt-like chassis? Those of us who already own EVs (like the LEAF) are hanging on to our aging minivans because we don’t want to buy another gas-powered ICE car. However, we don’t want another 75-mile EV either. We need something to replace our long-range car, but not just a hybrid. We could happily drive our Volt-Van most of the year without ever putting gas into it, except when we go on a long trip out of the area, driving on a field trip for school, etc. This isn’t just me — it’s the majority of people I talk to who have an EV (like the LEAF) and a family.


See the Via Motors Chevy Suburban conversion. Of course, EREV, not EV. Making a really big EV doesn’t seem logical until 300+ Wh/kg batteries are widely available.


I am also am waiting for an electric family vehicle with a range extender (Volt-Van). I have a 2012 Nissan Leaf that I like. I would like a vehicle like the Volt, but capable of carrying an adult in the back seat. I like the BMW I3 rex but the price is too high.

Could not agree more. It’s the same for me. A van with Voltec drivetrain? Confirmed buy!


You would think with more total volume, they could find room for bigger batteries. As a delivery vehicle with short range, this is a non-starter. Delivery vans put many miles on in a day.

But, I am glad people are looking at this. One step at a time.

Al S

Fedex claims many of their vans in urban areas do less than 50 miles per day, and it’s not far-fetched to think there will be recharging opportunities during the day.

I grant you that at least 50% more battery is necessary for many fleets, including taxis.


50 miles in a day without recharging is fine in California but not so much in Chicago. Load it up with 0 degree temps and you are not going to get 50 delivery miles.


Why are they releasing this van in Europe before the US? Do they foresee greater sales there, or are there more hurdles bringing it to the US.

I am excited about an EV people mover, but I was really hoping it would seat more than 5. Like at least 7 or 8 like any real van.

Jay Cole

The Euro-release is most likely a regional play due to the production out of Spain … and being able to even out the currency/delivery curve initially. There is no issues at all bringing it to the US as it stands now.

Don’t quote me (because I can’t recall exactly which Nissan person hinted at this…and its been awhile) but I believe start-up production capacity is going to be in the 1,000/month range until they get a handle on demand.


Thanks, Jay. That makes sense.

It would have far more demand in the US if they styled it a little differently and put 7-8 seats in it. Although for a business that does only local work, it will be a strong contender.

Brian Henderson

Correct me if I wrong, but isn’t Nissan’s battery (supply line) currently onstrained? The LEAF experienced low inventory volumes in Nov/Dec in North America. If Nissan is expanding production from 36,000-48,000 LEAFs, this does leave much capacity for eNV200 in 2014. Mid-2015 to late 2015 seems more reasonable for North America introduction; perhaps with improved battery chemistry.

Seeing requests for 6-8 seats in eNV200 … I believe the taxi version of eNV200 will have seating for 6+. Perhaps Jay can confirm if passenger version would have a similar seating option?

Jay Cole

Actually the battery sourcing shouldn’t be an issue.

Production has been very constrained in the US due to battery capacity in Smyrna until very recently, but the Spain-assembled e-NV200 will source their cells from Nissan’s Sunderland UK facility – which is well underutilized since it went live.

Anton Wahlman

When the 150 mile (or better) version of this car comes out, I will be first in line.

Brian Henderson

It may not take that long beore we see a 125-150 mile range from Nissan
… mid-late 2016?


Nissan previously said there hot battery will finish testing in April. That means this minivan will likely contain the new battery.


Needs Solar panel roof option, similar to what VIA offers. Adding 10 miles of extra range a day and topping off the battery when parked in a motor pool = winning.


Transit Connect Electric had more or less the same specs 3.5 years ago. Sure, it lacked the crucial DC port and was way too expensive, but it was a fun little van with an equally cavernous cargo area. RIP!

George Bower

Good for Nissan.
As usual GM misses the boat.


Uh, George, GM produced a 500+ full-sized electric vans in 1989 for fleets. I guess the Nissan or the market wasn’t interested then.


And GM was working with Bright Automotive before they disappeared. That would have been a van larger than this and with a range extender.

George Bower

I’m guessing GM has decided they can make more money back from Ca if they just go pure electric…..just a hunch, My goal is to try to understand all the rules.


My son’s college has one of them. And they need battery replacement for it and have asked me if I would pay for some of it (due to my prior giving to the school to install J-1772 charge points).

Bill Howland

What is Ironic George is that GM is rebranding the NV200 gas version.

You’d think they’d also want to bring over the EV. Would be nice if GM took the Voltec system and made a small van or pickup truck or crossvolt.


It’s not ironic, it’s a stopgap for a hole in their fleet product lineup, which was addressed by the HHR through 2011. For perspective … Nissan only sold 4,600 of these vans last year and the leading seller in the segment Ford only sold 39,000 vans last year. It’s a small segment that, frankly, does not warrant GM to fully develop its own vehicle for the commercial segment.

Perhaps GM’s forthcoming platforms will have something applicable to the segment while reentering the mini-van market. Time will tell.


Are we sure they ad going to sell it in the USA?

Jay Cole

100% for sure. I’ve heard about plans from very high up the ladder at Nissan about the e-NV200 in the US.


Oh, great. I just got my wife a RAV4 EV last weekend for Valentine’s Day, then I made the mistake of showing her this article, and now she wants one of these things. You ruined the magic, Jay. Thanks. :-L


I think could be very successfully. So it could be used by DHL, Fedex, UPS…craftsman and than many people will see it every day. Also as Van for Families its interesting.I am curious about worldwide sellings!


I thought GM already owned / used the E-NV name? Oh wait, GM puts the dash on the other side: EN-V. 😉


One would think that if it could haul stuff for FedEx it could haul more people. So maybe the reason we don’t get 7 seats is more of a dimensional constraint than related to weight.

Jeff D

It would be good for my wife’s mail route if it had the larger range it probably will have in the future. Her route is 98mi. long and definitely no charging on the route.

Big Solar

Price??? I want to trade my IMiev towards one!


I like this car. And I also bed a few bucks that since GM is re-selling the ICE-version of this, they will also announce re-branding of the electric version of this as some sort of Chevy “Electro-Van”.


Again, Mitsubishi is missing the boat. Their I-MiEV MiniCab is already available in Japan but not available worldwide including the US. Still waiting for the Outlander PHEV, as well.


Now the Stretchla don’ need convert a Volkswagen Vagon in electric van with Tesla tecnologie, he can buy this car cheaper.


My tools,equipment and ladder don’t fit my I-miev.
Transit connect electric would have worked but way overpriced.
Nissan, hurry up and get the e-NV200 to the USA.