Production Of McLaren P1 Comes To An End


McLaren P1

McLaren P1

McLaren P1 - Looking Good Outside Our Hotel During The Geneva Motor Show In March 2014

McLaren P1 – Looking Good Outside Our Hotel During The Geneva Motor Show In March 2014

Production of the mighty McLaren P1 plug-in hybrid hypercar has come to an end.

All of the planned 375 cars have now been produced, therefore the P1 now enters the out-of-production stage with other electric cars such as the Tesla Roadster, Honda Fit EV and Toyota RAV4 EV.

As Autocar states:

“The ending of P1 road car production at Woking leaves just one car in McLaren’s ‘Ultimate Series’ range of cars: the 986bhp P1 GTR, production of which is due to end early next year. From then on, attentions will turn to the P1’s successor, which is unlikely to appear before 2020.”

All of the 375 P1s were spoken for before production even began on the first unit. Even with a $1 million price tag, the P1 was sold out before one was ever produced.  Exclusivity to these 375 owners was guaranteed, so no more can be produced outside that pool.

Autocar adds:

“Only two P1s are currently on sale in the UK, both on the used car market. The first only has delivery mileage and is being offered by luxury car company Prindiville for £1.8 million. The second is being offered by Coutts Automobiles for £2m.”

“In total, 21 examples of the P1 were built for development and product testing prior to the main production run of 375 cars. A total of 800 hours were used to complete the production run, shared between 105 people. Europe accounted for 26% of the production run, with America taking the lion’s share, at 34%.”

Source: Autocar

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At a 0-60 MPH of 2.6 seconds, McLaren P1 is only the same speed as Model-S P90D.

Porsche 918 Spyder is the fastest car @ 2.2 seconds, but its production also has ended after selling 918 units.

So this leaves Model-S P90D as the 5th fastest car and at a price far more cheaper than the Top 4.

Worth buying especially with the fuel cost being so low.

Pete, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the Tesla and it truly is a really great car, but there’s far more to the story than just 0-60 times as comparative metrics for the Porsche and McLaren that you have chosen to group in with the Tesla.

Little things like corners, braking, lap times, and being able to go the distance at speed also matter a great deal, both on the track and in real world.

Tesla could learn much by going racing, then and only then, after competing and equalling these cars that you mentioned on the track, could you or Tesla rightly claim equality or superiority to the cars you mentioned.

I’m a fan of Tesla, but the complete picture is what cars are all about, not just a straight line 0-60 time.