Production / Deliveries of 60-kWh Tesla Model S Now Well Underway



Often times, automakers figuratively shout out loud when a vehicle enters the production cycle, but that’s not the case at Tesla Motors where no announcement came regarding the US introduction of the 60-kWh (208 miles EPA rated) version of the Tesla Model S.  Only reports of deliveries this week  from customers have tipped us off.

This is not surprising considering that Tesla Motors told us back in December that January would mark the beginning of production and deliveries of the 60-kWh Model S.   Here’s a snippet of a production update report we did in early December:

60-kWh cars will begin production in January 2013. Deliveries will begin in January/early February.

40-kWh cars will begin production in March 2013. Deliveries will begin in March/early April.

Below is the current Production Sequencing Timeline for 2013:

  • 60 kWh Model S with Active Air Suspension will phase into production in January 2013
  • 40 kWh Model S will phase into production in March 2013
  • 40, 60 and 85 kWh cars with Standard Suspension will begin production in March 2013

We’re well aware of several individuals who’ve taken delivery of their 60-kWh Model S and this number will only continue to grow in the coming months.

Specs for Model S variants.

Specs for Model S variants.

Next up for Tesla is the lowest-priced 40-kWh version of the Model S.  This vehicle has no official EPA rating for range right now, but we expect that to change soon. 

Tesla claims it’s good for 160 miles (at 55 mph), but that doesn’t correlate with EPA test methodology.  For example, Tesla lists the range of the 60-kWh version at 230 miles (at 55 mph), but the official EPA rating is 208 miles.  Therefore, we expect the 40-kWh version to carry a final EPA rating of approximately 150 miles, a number which still beats all other readily available pure electric vehicles offered in the US.



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Good sign Tesla is getting the 60s to market. Only 5 weeks until March and the 40 kWhs are out!

I’d love a used 60KW one…. in a few years from now.


Methinks what with the bugaboos appearing in the model S at this relatively late date, (see for some of them), and some Tesla S new owners amazingly regretting the purchase (!), Mr. Musk would do well to stick to his knitting. Some of the problems mentioned there with the Model “S”, I also have with my 2011 Roadster 2.5. Its high time they get addressed. Maybe he thinks things aren’t noticed. Well, Some of us notice. I was going to reserve a Model S, but due to ‘sensed inflexibility’, even moreso than with the Roadster, I declined. Its looking like a wiser decision every day.

If I had no kids entering college, the 60 would be mine. Maybe in 6 years.