Pro Tesla Sales Bill Dies Out In Arizona


Typical Tesla Store

Typical Tesla Store

Note The Use Of The Word "Galleries."  That Implies That Tesla Can't Actually Sell Its EVs There

Note The Use Of The Word “Galleries.” That Implies That Tesla Can’t Actually Sell Its EVs There

Automotive News is reporting that “A bill that would have allowed electric-vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc. to sell cars at its factory-owned showrooms in Arizona appears to be dead in the state’s Senate.”

All hope is not lost though as Tesla Motors vowed to “continue re-engaging the Legislature next year on the matter,” according to Automotive News.

The pro-Tesla bill didn’t make it to the floor for voting this time around, but Tesla will continue to pursue this matter next year when Senate is back in session.

Tesla offered a response, which Automotive News describes as a “blistering statement.”Β  In part, the statement accuses the dealers association of resorting to “aggressive and draconian tactics.”

Here more from that Tesla statement:

“Eventually, as a result of the dealer led attacks, the bill ran out of time in a legislative session that was dominated by budget wrangling and subsequently cut short.Β  Tesla is grateful for the organic support we encountered within the Arizona legislature and the broad outpouring of support we received from the citizens of Arizona. We look forward to re-engaging next year.”

Source: Automotive News

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No Giga Factory for you.



“Oh, you almost had it”… LOL

Hilarious as usual, KDawg. Even the bunny ears on your profile icon. πŸ™‚

Happy Easter to all, too. πŸ™‚

slightly OT but Ni prices are going thru the roof because Indonesia has banned the export Ni ore. Ni and Co are primary ingredients in Tesla’s cathode.

Interesting, but it won’t make a huge difference. We can get an idea of Li-NCA batteries here:
It’s half the cathode, so of the 4kg of batteries per kWh, this may be ~2 lbs. Nickel seems to have jumped from $6/lb to $8/lb, so we’re looking at an extra $4/kWh.

I wonder what kind of price controls are in the Tesla-Panasonic deal.

Good numbers Mint. I had to check them and they look about right.
At 8$/lb for Ni that makes Ni materials cost at 16$/kwh. we know that somewhere around half of the total battery cost is tied up in materials. and about half of that is the anode and cathode. So that means that the total material cost in a kwh is what something like 80$ and the Ni is around 20$ of that roughly?
Looks like Ni is a pretty high percentage of the material cost then. what maybe 25% or a little less just as a rough number.

Co plays in too so maybe 10% of total cost is Ni.

Tesla has said all raw materials will come from North America, so it shouldn’t affect them.

That’s again talking about the 2020 visions? Tesla is acting completely insensibly, putting so much of rare earht materials in one car.

What the heck are you talking about? Tesla uses AC induction motors that do not use any rare earth metals.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Planet Earht? Never heard of it… πŸ˜‰

Thats the oil & car lobby!

Well! That crosses Arizona off the list. I guess Arizona doesn’t care much about 3500, high-skill jobs.

So, New Mexico and Texas are left. I really wonder why on earth would Tesla not consider Nevada to be in the running for the Gigafactory?

When did Nevada get crossed off the list?

Can anybody tell the official arguments, coming from the politicans, to do so? I mean, they cannot say to their voters: “Hey we got paid from the traditional car makers to do so. Live with it.”

Yes, they won’t say they got paid off by the dealers. They’ll say crap like this:

1) “Dealers are pro consumer”, “They look after the buyer”, “They encourage competition”
I call that BS – can’t begin to count the number of times I saw “dealer markup” on the window sticker of hot cars.

2) “Dealers are part of the community”, “Dealers support local jobs”.
I call that BS too – a Tesla gallery/service center also employs local folks.

In the end, every pro-dealer statement I have heard of so far only elicits a ROFL expression.

AZ has some received press lately with some of controversial efforts in a number of sensitive areas especially regarding the rights of the public in general. This is just another example
of backward thinking, status quo loving, right-wing entrenched interests, trying to rig the game. Just chalk it up as another bone-head move by them and others of their ilk. TX,NJ, and some other states where the privileged few set the agenda.

Right wing entrenched interests? Government intrusion in the free market is not “right wing”. Someone needs to cut back on the MSNBC.

Well it is the “freedom” loving party in power in NJ, Texas, and Arizona that has banned direct sales of Tesla, siding with entrenched dealer groups rather than their professed free market beliefs

No. He’s correct. It is right wing. Always has been. The lie has just been repeated lately enough for you to believe it’s not.

Yes Az is a conservative state. I should know I live there. However I did hear a TV interview with one of the Rebubs and he was in favor of an open market place and Tesla being able to sell here. Maybe the Dealers assoc. payed him off. Who knows

Governments, both right and left leaning, are always intruding into the so called fallacy of the free market, which is another buzz phrase they use to frighten people. When they, right wing governments, intrude it is for the good of individual rights, like the rights of business/corporation who are actually individuals now according to a right leaning Supreme Court, what a crock. You should stop memorizing Fox talking points and think for yourself.


If you cross state lines your dead meat.

It’s “you’re”, but I understand your point.

Lameizona can’t handle mah FRENCHNESS! Mais OUI!!!

I promise to hide mon beret et stripped shirts when next I sneak across state lines in an EV, for a visit…

Thx for helping me with my English!

De rien. πŸ™‚

@GeorgeS You clearly know more than I do about what goes on in AZ, you point is well made and I should soften my position at least in the sense that a number of conservatives, some notables, like Rick Perry think Tesla’s should be allowed to sell cars in TX. I just got a bit miffed as I find some of the other things AZ has done or tried to do recently to be abhorrent. So of guilt by association I plead guilty.
The right-wing entrenched interest is not necessarily the ADA, but it does not seem as if they would be strange bedfellows.

At least Brewer killed that last really bad one….1070 is still a sore one though LOL

c’omon Arizona legislature. It made perfect sense to allow a company that ONLY MAKES ELECTRIC CARS to sell directly to anyone who wants one. …and YES! the guys in the stores should be able to let people know how to buy a Tesla.
Tesla’s store people should never have a restriction on making a sale, taking people on test drives, talking price and facilitating sales. c’omon man! it just ain’t the American Arizona way. Arizona, with the states endless sunshine, should be the leader in solar powered electric vehicles and getting us off foreign oil. Show some leadership! LEADERSHIP LEGISLATORS….. Geeez! …and yes..I vote. I’m have not spoken to anyone who thinks killing this bill to allow Tesla to sell directly to consumers was the right move.
Your performance as a legislature being monitored and your really got this one wrong. So fix it and get it right. It will surely help Arizona get the Giga Factory, employing thousands of Arizonans.

Why not have Solar City start a dealership network? What is preventing this?

Um… Solar City does not sell cars? They have no sales lots or repair facilities for EVs? And they don’t have trained EV repair techs or sales people on their payroll?

They would have to radically alter their current business model and investments to support this new activity…

They’d be sued by existing dealerships immediately.