Prince Edward Island to Install 40 Public Chargers


The Gentle "Green" Island

The Gentle “Green” Island

With a land area of only 2,190 square miles (roughly the size of Delaware), Canada’s Prince Edward Island is perfectly sized for electric vehicles.

40 Chargers Seems More Than Enough for Prince Edward Island

40 Chargers Seems More Than Enough for Prince Edward Island

To promote EVs, one city on Prince Edward Island will install 40 public charging stations.

Yes…that’s 40 in one city alone.

The city of Summerside just received final approval to install 40 public chargers.

The city partnered with Sun Country Highway to install 10 chargers on city property and will team up with area businesses to get 30 more in the ground.

All Summerside has to do is send Sun Country Highway some 30 million kilowatt hours annually of green energy credits produced by the city’s wind farm.  There’s no cash involved in this deal.

Chargers in exchange for green energy credits.  Seems fair to us.

Source: Cape Breton Post

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Ocean Railroader

I hope some of them fast chargers. As for islands I have been to the Bahamas and I think EV’s would do really well there in that the Bahamas have a lot of cars in them and the islands are mainly smaller then this island. Along with that the sun is very strong in the Bahamas so you could cover all the roof tops with solar panels and not have to import expensive oil into the islands.